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14th Street Sinkor Monrovia Liberia

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Character Education

the first of a two-pond approach to public engagement

The Foundation's major concern and mission is to transform Liberia into a new "Nation of Destiny for Africa" centered on Godism (Godism outlines the core values of circle members).  This new nation will have a constitution centered on the  sovereignty of God.

Currently, by article 14 of our 1986 Constitution, we are a secular state which simply allows all religions to freely exist even the Worship of Devils. 

Since the main ingredients of a Nation are:  1. its Sovereignty, 2. it land and 3. its people; we seek to establish a "True Love Family Circle" under the Sovereignty of GODISM, with members who have overcome the trials of S.I.N. (Selfish Individual Nature) via a True Love Lifestyle.