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Collaborative & Innovative but God Centered

Programs: Programs
Women Holding Hands

Peace Building Support Services

Tackling the Issue

Under this program the Foundation will work to eliminate all obstacles to Africa's Unification, Interdependence and Corruption Free Development by the creation of "A One World Family Under God".

This will be done in partnership with other global Peace-Loving Organization who share our vision of the True Love Way to National Peace & Reconciliation.


Education & Outreach

Making a Difference

Under this program the Foundation  will strive to encourage Africans to go beyond Tribal, Racial and National Self-interest by promoting a New Cultural lifestyle called the True Love Way, thus we hope to open the way for Continental Unity as the United States of Africa (One of Three Great USA destined to rise out of the ashes of Armageddon...Rev 16:16-19).

For this preparation we  will provide TRUTH through Educational programs & LOVE through Community and other Public Outreach Media for the sake of national unity.

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Community Development

Doing What’s Needed

Under this program the Foundation seeks to establish, integrated and develop ideal God-Centered Families in Africa as the base for the rise of a New 21st Century Middle Class Society throughout  Africa. We foresee a New United States of Africa (New USA) arising from the future generations of these Central Blessed Families (mixed African and Europeans), who will grow up under the ideal that God is their Heavenly Parents and True Parents.  

To ensure the Economic viability of these Central Blessed Families the Foundation will strive, in partnership with others, to provide TECHNICAL and FINANCIAL support for the Sustainable Development of their Communities.

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