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Our Visionary Founders: True Parents


The visionary founders of the Foundation are The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, also referred to by their followers as "The True Parents of heaven earth and humankind". Through their living example of the “True Love Way” in search for World Peace, the Foundation was conceived by Liberia’s oldest International Blessed Couple (Mr. & Mrs. Gerald B. Coleman) as New Hope for a New Unified Africa centered on a New True Liberia as the 4th Republic of this land.

Rev & Mrs Gerald B. Coleman and Family are the founders of the True Love Foundation for Peace & Development in Africa Inc. (the Foundation).

The Foundation is dedicated to providing light and understanding for those who truly believe in the Lord's Prayer:" Our father, who are in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." Mt. 6: 9-10.

The current state of humanity is one of conflict, linked to a struggle between Good and Evil The goal of all religions throughout history has been to resolve this cosmic conflict and guide us back to a state of perpetual peace & harmony as a bases for sustainable development.

Only in this 21st century, since the Ascension of Lord Jesus Christ, does humankind once again have the tools (the WORD OF GOD...Rev 19:12-17) to finally end this conflict and bring about the end of Satan's Dominion of Evil on Earth.

Please join us on this final journey back home to God's Ideal, the restored Garden of Eden on Earth, especially here in Africa.

About Us: About Us

True Love Family Circle Welcomes You

We are a new Liberian Tribe dedicated to Peace and National Unity in Africa centered on God's Ideal of Life

Here at True Love Family Circle, we are driven by a single goal; to transform Liberia into a nation of destiny for Africa. We seek to partner with families worldwide interested in building a unified  Liberia, with freedom, liberty and justice for all; a Liberia reconciled with God's ideal of living for the sake of others. We call this the True Love Way of life.   For this goal we seek to recruit 430 families throughout Liberia who can work as a New Liberian Tribe leading  all of Africa into a new Canaan: the United States of Africa (USA)... here on earth and ultimately in heaven. Please join us

About Us: Welcome
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