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About the Foundation


The True Love Family Foundation was incorporated by one of Africa's Eldest Blessed Couples.  The initial incorporation in 1994 was entitled "True Love Foundation for Peace and Development in Africa". Later in 2016 the name was changed to "True Love Family Foundation for Peace and Development in Africa", to include the children as a complete family trinity of founders centered on GOD as our Heaven Parents.

Please download a copy of our brochure for more information of who we are and what we seek to accomplish.

Our Logos below is meant to symbolically represent our Motto above. Love you all forever...

The TLF-Foundation: Who We Are

What we are About

Making A Difference centered on God

True Love Family Foundation is an ecumenical non-profit educational and cultural transformational foundation. Thus we are in the business of changing and shaping lives in the true image of God as we were originally created (Gen 1:27; Mt 5:48). The work we do at our organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges: spiritual immaturity, ignorance, corruption, poverty and social economic development. 

We make sure our partners and circle members are empowered with the Word of God, so that they can responsibly create transformational opportunities for themselves, their families, tribes and communities. In this way together we hope to make Liberia a Nation of Destiny for Africa by 2028.

The TLF-Foundation: What We Do

Our  Vision

Restoring the Garden of Eden on Earth

To transform Liberia and Africa into a constitutional monarchy called Cheon-Il-Guk or a "Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity", under the sovereignty of the One True God our Heavenly Parents, represented and empowered by their earthly tabernacle (Rev. 21:1-5) and children as first citizen.

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Our Mission

Rebuilding a Unified Nation one Family at a time

Our mission is to nurture a Culture of Peace and Unity in Africa starting with the empowerment of True Love Families. Through three interconnected programs we seek to unite citizens of Liberia beyond their ethnic diversity of faith by inspiring a new collective sense of responsibility for the nation as One Family under God


Core Principles

We believe absolutely in the words of GOD throughout the ages.

We believe the only core principle capable of unifying HUMAN DIVERSITY in our modern global village is LOVE. Particularly, the True Love of GOD as the Creator of Humankind. Thus we ascribe to all faiths centered on the ideal of Godism and True Parentism.

This ideal of Godism is explained in the Divine Principle as the True Love Way of life and mentioned in Rev 21:1-5 as the beginning a New Age on Earth where God Himself will co-exist with humankind as their True Parents... working to wipe away all tears and sorrows from human history, leaving only Joy, Peace and Happiness.


Join the True Love Family Circle

 Hope is where your Heart is... Our heart is with our Heavenly Parents, True Parents and Lord Jesus Christ

The True Love Way: Peace & Development Education for the 21st Century. Working Towards the Restored Garden of Eden on Earth beyond the Spiritual Salvation of Christianity. As members of this Tribal Circle  we are active builders of God's Kingdom on Earth in partnership with Heaven Parents, True Parents and Lord Jesus Christ. This we call Physical Salvation.

The TLF-Foundation: Welcome
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