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Our New National Flag

Building God's Eden on Earth

Our 3rd Objective Purpose: Towards A New African Union as the United States of Africa (U.S.A)

"The Foundation sets out to encourage Africans to go beyond Tribal, Racial, and National self-interest by promoting a new cultural lifestyle called the "True Love Way" as a means to unify the Continent into a ONE FAMILY RACE able to link to a new Global Community of Nations as a respected brother community. Such a union is fundamental for peace & development in Africa. As a continental organization initiated here in Africa's first independent nation-state since the dark ages, the Foundation will recognize no boundary of nationality, creed, color, or gender in carrying out its objective of African Unity from the family level." 

The third and final phase of our work towards fulfilling our major objective purpose is to see the establishment of a "Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity on Earth".  We call this nation "Cheon Il Guk". It should be a nation built on the Divine Principles of Godism.

It will be the third and final phase of the development of democratic governance on earth which started with the City-states of Greece & Rome; progressed to Nation-states around the 16th century and is prophesied to culminate into a Global Nation-State or a singular nation of cosmic peace and Unity.

Once a new Liberia can rise centered on Godism, it will naturally fulfill its role as a nation of destiny for Africa, working towards a new United State of Africa linked to Europe.

Building God's Eden: Programs

What is the meaning of the nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity?

Is "Cheon Il Guk a real place"

The foundation for Cheon Il Guk is real, but its complete manifestation will take time. Father Moon explained that this phrase means that God’s kingdom is a nation where two that were separated become one. This starts with mind and body and expands to two people, two families, two clans or tribes, two ethnic groups, two nations, and the spiritual and physical worlds.

In his words, “Cheon Il Guk perfects the standard of a nation and ushers in the era of liberation and freedom, disconnected from all enmity.” Father Moon taught that Cheon Il Guk will come through the Blessing of marriages between a husband and wife from enemy nations, religions or races. By imparting the Word and Blessing, Father and Mother Moon, with their family, disciples and ambassadors for peace, laid the real foundation for Cheon Il Guk in 180 nations.

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