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Character Education

the first of a two-pond approach to public engagement

The Foundation's major concern and mission is to transform Liberia into a new "Nation of Destiny for Africa" centered on Godism (Godism outlines the core values of circle members).  This new nation will have a constitution centered on the  sovereignty of God.

Currently, by article 14 of our 1986 Constitution, we are a secular state which simply allows all religions to freely exist even the Worship of Devils. 

Since the main ingredients of a Nation are:  1. its Sovereignty, 2. it land and 3. its people; we seek to establish a "True Love Family Circle" under the Sovereignty of GODISM, with members who have overcome the trials of S.I.N. (Selfish Individual Nature) via a True Love Lifestyle.


Character Education: News

Awakening to the Truth of Who We Are

Phase one: foundation of faith

  • The first phase of our public engagement is to recruit new members to the circle. 

  • We do this through educational outreach centered on Godism.

  • Godism is a revelation from our Heavenly Parents to all humankind. It reveals the final Mystery of God as in Rev10:7 and is meant to awakens us to our True Identity as Children of God beyond religion.

Empowerment to fulfill your responsibility as a True Child of God

Phase two-Foundation of Substance

  • The second phase of our public engagement is to empower new members to fulfill their responsibility as future citizens of God's nation on earth.

  • We do this by showing each recruit the historical consequence of FAILED HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY.

  • Our human responsibility has always been to have absolute Faith, Love, Obedience, and Wisdom to absolutely F.L.O.W. with the WILL OF GOD 


Commitment to be an Eternal True Child of God


  • The third phase of our public engagement is to prepare each new member of the Circle as an eternal citizen of God's Kingdom on Earth.

  • We do this through a special commitment ceremony called "The Holy Marriage Blessing"

  • This final phase of our educational activities requires your commitment as a married couple.

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