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Building Our New Nation

Our 2nd platform of purpose: Toward A New Political Party Centered on Godism

The Foundation shall work to eliminate all obstacles to Africa's unification,interdependence and development by the creation of " One African Family Party" able to democratically fulfill the promise of One Ideal nation on Earth under the sovereignty of righteousness.  

Every Nation is build upon a partnership of three variables: Sovereignty, Land, and People. To transform the old Liberia into "a nation of destiny for Africa" we need Godism as the sovereignty in the hearts and minds of  those pioneers seeking to restore this nation.

Once the TLFS-CIrcle has been organized they need to form a new political party seeking to bring Liberia back to God, not by violence but the true love way. 

This will be the goal of our second objective purpose as the destiny of Liberia for Africa.

Building Our Nation: Programs
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