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Transforming our Culture

Faith and Prayer is not enough

  • Since the beginning of human history God has been searching for a people He could call His own. After 6,000 biblical years of searching, no group of people or religion has been able to successfully establish God's Sovereignty of Goodness on Earth with Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all humankind.

  • But now as we crossed the 21st century, centered on the Ideal of True Parents and their teaching of Godism, God's Kingship has come to earth as the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity (Cheon Il Guk).

  • Now each Nation can Transform their cultural heritage back to GOD

Our New National Flag

Individual Level Cheon Il Guk Citizenship training level 1

phase one: peace begins with you

  • For those who graduate from our character education activities, and would like to join our nation building and cultural transformation activities, this is the 1st step.

  • Eternal Peace in Liberia and Africa begins with YOU!

  • This training focuses on outlining the responsibilities of each citizen of Cheon Il Guk.

  • Those who complete this phase of training will be certificated and registered as citizens of Cheon-il-guk (In Training level 1) under the True Love Family Circle of Liberia. 


National Level Cheon-Il-Guk Training Level 2

Phase two: Peace in Liberia needs Restorative Justice

As we strive to transform Liberia into a nation of destiny for Africa, national unity is a priority.

Currently we are a nation composed of 16 plus Tribes each working with S.I.N. (Selfish Individual Nature).

This phase of our activities is to nurture  a new Liberian Tribe from the ruins of our Civil Conflict. They most be one people able to love God as their Heavenly Parents and each other as members of one family under the love of Heavenly Parents, with the character and heart to overcome resentment with True Love. 

Those who pass this training level 2 will be responsible to form a new Political Party capable of one day leading Liberia towards it's unfulfilled destiny for Africa

Seal of Liberia.jpg

National Development Coaching Level 3

Phase three: With Unity and Peace we need to Grow & Develop our National Economy. This is the meaning of "have dominion" in Gen 1:27-28

Liberia is the oldest independent nation in Africa, with over 170 years of democratic leadership, yet today, we are still plagued with DISEASE - HIGH ILLITERACY - & POVERTY.  WHY?

Because we have had no True Parental Liberians, working together, with one mind set centered on One God the TRUE LOVE WAY. 

This final phase of Nation building will be done collectively by graduates and members of the New Parental Tribe of phase two and as members of the new "True Love Family Party" (TLF-Party). They will work with one mindset to fulfill our national destiny by 2030.

They will do so by pooling their physical and spiritual resources under the sovereignty of God; with absolute faith, love, obedience and wisdom until heaven's unity blessing of Marriage eradicates DISEASE-IGNORANCE - POVERTY from our beloved land and that of Africa. 

Transformation of Culture: News
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