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The Root Search of Scientific Godism for an Ultimate Atom Called Graviton

Fig 1: Here we wish to present a pictorial of the original Garden of Eden created by Heavenly Parents with Adam and Eve born into existence with the original Pre-earth as the virtual Image Object Partners of the Invisible Heavenly Parents. Note, the whole creation was made by God in the direct image of Adam and Eve.

I. Prelude :

Title: In Search of the Original Graviton Linked to the Garden of Eden

Author: Amb Rev Gerald B. Coleman, pen name God's Boy Child

Research Institute: The True L.I.G.H.T. Institute of Science and Religion

Publication: Vol 1, Issue 2, Article 1, ]

II. Abstract:

In this article, we wish to share our logical framework for assuming the existence of an ultimate particle-like structure linked to the self-existing Trinity Presence (TP) of God's Energy. We have chosen to call this particle-like structure an "Ultimaton" or simply a "Graviton" in harmony with the historical search in the field of Science and Religion for the ultimate form of reality. In the field of Science centered on the Standard Model Metric (SMM) Gauge Theory this ultimate particle structure would be called a Graviton; while, in the field of Religion centered on a new SMM gauge theory developed by Scientific Godism, it would be called the Ultimaton (representing the inner structure of the Great Ultimate Void particles mentioned in Gen 1:2). We will show that both of these structures (Graviton or Ultimaton) represent Dual Characteristics of God's Energy Presence and thus can be model as a Trinity Presence of God's Total Energy. We will later introduce the generic form of this energy as a water 💦 molecule (-H–O–H+). We will refer to this unique form of energy as the Universal Prime Energy (UPE) of God or simply the Trinity Presence (TP) of God's Energy in IMAGE FORM as ADAM & EVE, and SYMBOLIC FORM as EVERYTHING ELSE including ANGELS. From the quantum perspective, we will refer to this primitive form of God's energy presence as an "Individual Truth Bodies" or ITB.

On this general foundation of wisdom to be henceforth referred to as the Three Objective Purpose (3OP) of reality, we will start by introducing the IMAGE form of these ITB as represented genetically by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. see fig 1 above. The quintessence of Scientific Godism as a new Theory of Everything hypothesizes the existence of Adam and Eve as the first and direct virtual object partners to God's (our Heavenly Parents) invisible energy presence. Adam and Eve are the unique "form of being"(FOB) that God our Heavenly Parents choose to identify their joint MASS energy presence! In our new SMM Gauge Theory, we refer to this FOB as the Fermion Image of God in contrast to the symbolic hydrons (as in Protons and Neutrons). These ITBS both IMAGE and SYMBOL served as the mass carriers of God's Dark Matter [1] energy. We view Adam and Eve in the fermion n the IMAGE position as the Parental mass carriers responsible for initiating Families under the lineage of Heavenly Parents. It is for this reason that Godism accepts that Man was made in the DIRECT IMAGE of God while the creation was made in the DIRECT IMAGE of Man Symbolically!

In the Holy Book, Gen 1:27 we are told Adam and Eve were created in the direct image of God as MALE/FEMALE. Thus, the Science of Godism refers to Adam and Eve as the Original True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, since they were created as the first human form of the invisible God, who alone exists as the True but invisible Creator of Heaven, earth, and humankind. Using this same logical framework we refer to Adam's Family and lineage (their eternal generations of lineage) as destined to be children of the living God with Adam and Eve themselves destined to represent the first Tabernacle of God on Planet Earth.

Finally, we will introduce the symbolic ITB as part of a 3D Cosmic Family of Matter gauged as a compound, complex, convoluted (c^3) Grand Unified Energy Field (GUT). This 3D energy field would start with the Particle,  Atomic, and conclude with the Molecular Family from the Quantum Realm; next it would expand into a Planetary, Solar System, and Galaxitical Family in the Macrocosmic Realm. Somehow both the Quantum Realm and the Macrocosmic Realms must be integrated at the local Universal level. We believe what Science refers to as the Universe represents a Trinity Presence (TP) of God's Energy gauged as an infinite Multiverse from the holistic Cosmological viewpoint.

From this holistic viewpoint we see our Solar System(SS), with its diverse SS in our Milky Way Galaxy, corresponding to the Atomic level of reality gauged as the periodic table of elements. Thus, all the various SS observed in our Galaxy could represent elemental SS in our unique periodic table of SS. This would be in contrast to the diverse Galaxies co-existing as families in our Observable Local Universe. These diverse Galaxies would correspond to a unique molecular level of reality called S-ripple waves (-H–O–H+), gauged from our Observable Local Universal Realm. 

We will conclude by showing the relationship between three realms of Cosmic existence which we call Paradise Gravity (Pg), Paradise Relative Gravity (Pgr) and a unique imaginary core Singularity referred to as Paradise Isle  (Pi). Together we will introduce this Trinity Presence (TP) of God's Total Energy as our Grand Unified Field Theory or GUT. This GUT is the core of our Theory of Everything (TOE) meant to introduce God as our Heavenly Parents who have meticulously manifested themselves in the flesh as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind (H.E. Rev Dr Sun Myung Moon & H.E. Dr Hak-Ja Han Moon). Love you all forever. God's Boy Child (GBC) or Black Jesus from Liberty In Africa.

Keywords: Gravitons, Trinity Energy Presence, Ultimaton,

III. CTA HDH Reading:

I thought of you when I read this quote from "Exposition of the Divine Principle" by Sun Myung Moon -

"Probing deeper still, we search for the Ultimate Cause which brought this energy, with its elements of internal nature and external form, into existence. This being would be the First Cause of all the myriad things in the universe. As the First Cause, it must also possess the dual characteristics (DC) of internal nature and external form, which stand in the position of subject partner to the internal natures and external forms of all beings. We call this First Cause of the universe God, and we call God’s internal nature and external form the original internal nature and original external form"

Start reading this book for free:

Fig 2: The Four Position Foundation Structure (4PFS) as the Standard Model Metric (SMM) Gauge Theory of the Scientific Godism: A New Theory of Everything (TOE) as One Flesh Made from the Total Energy Presence of Heavenly Parents. What Science calls Spacetime [R (s,t)] is the conserved energy presence of God linked to the WORD/LOGOS mentioned in John 1:1-5. Please review this diagram to understand how reality emerged into being as the combined Spiritual and Physical Universe with Adam, God, and Eve pre-existing together in a Trinity Partnership (TP) as one flesh in the Garden of Eden.

IV. Background Introduction:

Scientific Godism is a derivative of the Dual Characteristic (DC) nature of reality manifested as the study of Science and Religion. According to Godism in the above quote, God is the subject partner of the internal nature (SS) and external form (HS) of Every created reality. He is the first course that brought everything into being from UNIVERSAL PRIME ENERGY (UP-Energy). First, let us differentiate between Dual Characteristics ( DC) and the concept of Duality (DA). Dual Characteristics are basically two aspects of the same thing acting together as ONE FLESH, whereas Duality simply refers to two interacting aspects of reality. For example, GOOD/EVIL, LOVE/HATE, and TRUTH/LIES are dualities; whereas, UP/DOWN, LEFT/RIGHT, BACK/FRONT, MIND/BODY, and MALE/FEMALE are Dual Characteristics. With DC there can be no conflicting interaction simply because all aspects of reality are made from the same root Source what we call God's Total Energy (TE), which itself is the invisible presence of the Creator God.

Our research into the Science of Godism seeks to prove that the Truth (Science) and Spirit (Religion) of Everything are one and the same, representing the Total Energy Presence of God. It is, for this reason, we are told in the Law of Energy Conservation that "energy can neither be created nor destroyed but simply converted from one form to another.". This law, in essence, is saying ENERGY is self-existing, absolute, and eternal; and is the very body presence of God. Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity and James Clack Maxwell's Theory of Electromagnetism as Light expressed this truth scientifically linked to Spacetime Energy (E = YMc^2), and the speed limit of Light (3x10^8). On this foundation of wisdom, we need to ask ourselves: where did all this suffering, confusion, conflict, and pain come from if everything around us is made from Dual characteristics of Light energy? Why isn't life just joyful and full of bliss? What is the root of evil in human society? The answer to these questions lies in what religions of the bible refer to as Human Alienation from God our Heavenly Parents. This process happened through Adam and Eve's expressed disobedience towards their original True Parents, the God who made Heaven and Earth (Gen 1:1)..


V. The God Particle as the Source of the Higgs Energy Field:

A. Introduction:

Before we explain what truly happened to Adam and Eve in the original Garden of Eden, we need to understand from a scientific perspective how humankind and the universe came into existence from the quintessences of God's Trinity energy Presence. Our presentation starts with a mysterious energy particle we wish to call the Ultimaton or Graviton particle. Prior to the 21st century, it would have been a bit difficult to make this presentation but in 2012 Science discovered the Higgs Boson or what some jokingly referred to as the God Particle. This God Particle is part of the Standard Model Metric (SMM) of Particle Physics. A current table of these SMM particles is shown in fig 3 for your information. Our goal in this article is to introduce Man as the Substantial Image of God on Earth

Fig 4: The above is a downloaded copy of the standard model metric of Particles. These particles are aligned in a unique 3D framework linked to four of the known forces of nature as follows: 1. Fst = the Strong force linked to the nucleus of the Atom, 2. Fem/Fme = the Electromagnetic force as light, 3. the Fwk = Weak force linked to radioactive decay, 4. Fgr = the force of Gravity. By general principle, all of these forces have a gauge boson as its force carrier. But so far Science has not been able to identify a force carrier for Gravity. Also, Einstein mentioned a fifth force which he called the force of LOVE in a love letter to his daughter. So our research into the Science of Godism .as a New Theory Theory of Everything has been geared towards developing a new SMM Gauge Theory which could simplify an understanding of the ET-Mechanism which brought reality into existence from UP-Energy

B. What is the Higgs Energy Field and How Does It Transform Energy Into Matter:

It is the womb Spacetime of Mother Gaia:

1. Use the 4PFS to explain the process of creation from the viewpoint of Scientific Godism's New Big Bang Theory. the Sexual Intercourse between the God of Day and the God of Night as the "Big Man and Woman with a Big Heart" (BMW-BH THeory) resulted in the appearance of our PU as a Black-hole Singularity, a realm from which no light of Night can escape.

Show how the "E-Ozone Realm of Uncertainty" exists as the original Eden with the Garden of Eden eastward where the SUN rises,. with the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. in the center linked to the Axis of Life (east of Eden). SHow how this was linked to the 2nd Blessing.

Introduce the UHF and the LHF linked to MIND/BODY UNITY and the 1st Blessing linked to the Axis of Love

Introduce the current Darkness observed around us as being linked to an extreme curvature of ST linked to a 90-degree angle in the E-Ozone of Uncertainity. Show how this extreme curvature or binding of light created the force of Gravity in the LHF, resulted in the flat event horizon of a White/Black hole Hypersheres linked to the imaginary Axis. This extreme curvature rendered Light of Day into the Night of Night, sepersting

Show how this SMM Gauge Theory required a 3D vertical light Source (White hole) linked to Paradise (V8 love energy field as FIRE/Spirit Elements) and Gauged 90 degrees to another 3D horizontal light Sink (Black hole) creating Spacetime (E8 life energy Field as Cosmic Water/Crystals Elements) as a result. See right corner of fig 6.

C. Introduction to S-RIpple UP (Divine Consciousness) Energy Waves linked to Godhead, and T-RIpple DOWN (Cosmic Consciousness) Matter Particles Linked to Godform:

I. S-Ripple Waves Energy Linked to SU-MIND:

S-ripple is a waves function because it is meant to Gauge the extent of reality from a vertical perspective as in "from God's viewpoint". This is all related to the SMM Gauge Theory we call the 4PFS. So the S-ripple wave gauges the vertical extend of existence of TE, within the specific "dimension of being" (DOB). Note, Space is always infinite in nature and timeless since it is an expression of Heavenly Parents UPE. So we can refer to this gauging process as the pu expression or unfolding of infinite and timeless space , meaning space is the presence of God gauged by what we call TIME. Thus TIME is a limit applied to SPACE. Together we refer to this as the gauged unfolding of ST.

Next, let us reflect on what is time. Science has rightly referred to time as an illusion. But what does that mean. Why is it so persistent? According to Scientific Godism TIME is the flowrate factor of energy from its Source reservoir. meaning TIME is the flow rate of God's TE presence. JC Maxwell calculated this value to be 3x10^8 m/sec. SG interprets this to mean 3 thing acting and flowing together as one flesh over 8D of ST. So the persistence is due to the fact that reality is the consequence of waves upon waves of energy flowing so as to refresh the form of reality under examination.

ii. T-Ripple Particle Energy Linked to PU-MIND:

T-ripple on the other hand are a Particle function because it is meant to Gauge the MASSIVITY of reality

from the viewpoint of God at the base level of TE release. Using our unique SMM Gauge Theory this base level or base point is called GROUND as in the Quantum Realm of existence. SG also refers to this as the E-Ozone of Uncertainty. At this point fermions as mass carrier set up their home base to give birth to Bosons as Force Carriers.

Now let's discuss why S-ripple waves transform to T-ripple particles in the E-Ozone Realm of Uncertainty. It happens due to the nature of God's Total Energy. Since this is God's direct quintessence it is beyond manipulation without God's express permission. This is the quintessence of the Law of Energy Conservation. So HP created their SMM Gauge Theory (also called Sun Myung Moon) called the 4PFS to gave it permission to take Dominion over everything once they reached perfection. The Fermions where given authority to control SPACE, while the Bosons their children where given authority to control TIME. Now as we said earlier SPACE is always infinite while TIME doesn't really exist from the heavenly perspective.

It appears our SU senses are tuned to our per unit UPE of form as our HEART ♡ chamber (LHF) linked to Holy Ghost Spirit; whereas the PU senses are tuned to our per unit UPE of action as our MIND chamber (UHF) linked to Holy Spirit. In Rev 4 we are introduced to eyes as sensors of God. The concept of front and back eyes is linked to LHF and UHF.

D. Birth As the Energy Transformation Mechanism of the 4PFS:

I. The Fermions Group of Particles as the True Parental Trinity Partnership of God:

Fermions are the mass carriers of the current Standard Model of Particle Physic. Their responsibility is to Gauge Space. Their metric is 1pu Gauge charge as in the charge of an Electron and a Positron. Assuming a base flatline on the X-Axis intercepted at zero by a vertical imaginary Z-Axis According to our unique SMM gauge theory fermions are the True Parents of their Domain of Creation. They create the gap gauge for the infinite flow of God's Total Energy via the 4PFS.

The pu metric of this flowrate of energy according to the current Standard model of particles physics is called a photon. But our research into SG-O-TOE shows that the True pu metric of this flowrate of TE is the Graviton. Using our unique SMM gauge theory we observed a trinity partnership of God's energy/matter presence co-existing at what we call the E-Ozone Realm of Uncertainty. Physicist refer to this as the event horizon or the Quantum Realm of Uncertainty. In this realm we hypothesize there exist a CET-Mechanism linked to the 4PFS responsible to ensure the perservation of the Law of Energy Conservation. We also found evidence to believe this CET-Mechanism works through the concept of symmetry as per the Noether Theory. Before we introduce the structure of our graviton and the outline of our Quantum Gravity Theory let us first present our view of Bosons as force carriers in the current Standard Model of particle physic.

ii. The Boson Group of Particles as force carriers and Children of True Parents as Fermions:

Bosons are the force carriers of the current Standard Model of Particle physics. Their responsibility is to Gauge Time. Their metric is 1pu Gauge charge as in the charge of an Electron and a Positron. According to our unique SMM gauge theory fermions are the True Parents of their Domain of Creation. They create the gap gauge Space for the infinite flow of God's Total Energy. Using fig 2 as a pictorial of the 4PFS, we can show how this process works. from the UHF as S-ripple waves of energy down into the Shadow world as the LHF. In this shadow Universe WZ-bosons rule from the Quantum Realm passing through the Higgs Energy Field while gaining mass . According to our SMM Gauge Theory call the BWM-BH Theory eventually these particles quantum particles under go a three stage growth process and emerge into our Physical Universe as Solar Systems, Galaxies and the Observable Universe as a w-hole!


[1] Here we introduce dark matter as the primal form of God's energy presence referred to biblically as the "shadow of death" Psalms 23.


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