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The Preliminary Research Findings of Scientific Godism: A New Theory of Everything as One.

Chapter VI:

Methodology Phase Four: My Preliminary Findings in Literature Review

Prelude: This Booklet entitled: "The Preliminary Research Findings of Scientific Godism: A Theory of Everything as One", has been published to present a brief outline of the research findings made during our desk study of over 500 years of literature review of the historic development of Science. Via these findings we hope to develop a new education system to be called S.T.R.E.A.M. education. It will be a peace building educational system geared to prepare future citizens of all nations to awaken to the truth that God is our Heavenly Parents and we are their Children. In the first section of this booklet we will introduce three prime objectives of STREAM Education. Next we will present an overview of our research findings. Finally, we strived to identify what is referred to as unsolved mysteries of science with the hope of providing insights from the new viewpoint of Scientific Godism.

HDH Religious Quote:

Mark 4:11 ”And He said to them, “To you it has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but to those who are outside, all things come in parables,”

Ephesians 3:8-10 “8 Although I am less than the least of all the Lord’s people, this grace was given me: to preach to the Gentiles the boundless riches of Christ, 9 and to make plain to everyone the administration of this mystery, which for ages past was kept hidden in God, who created all things. 10 His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms,”

1 Timothy 3:9 “They must hold the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience.”

HDH Science Quote:

The most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.” Sir Isaac Newton 1727developed calculus and described it in Principia Mathematica, from which the above quote is taken. He described universal gravitation, the three laws of motion, and developed color theory. He wrote more on theology and religion than he did on science.

“Religion and science demand for their foundation faith in God. For the former (Alpha-religion), God stands foremost; for the latter (Omega-science), at the end of all thought, For religion He represents a basis; for science, a crowning (Halo) solution towards a world view.” Max Planck 1947 Founder of Quantum Physics

Table of Contents

Chapter VI: 1

Methodology Phase Four: My Preliminary Findings in Literature Review.. 1


Introduction: 2

Why Did God Create this Universe?. 2

A Summary of the Three Phases of Creation: 2


DIVISION PHASE: Chapter 6, section 3. 2

UNION PHASE: Chapter 6, Section 4: 2

COMPLETION PHASE: Chapter 6, Section 5: 2



According to Godism all reality came into being at once as the WORD of God. In John 1:1-5 we are told:

"In the beginning was the Word (as the Breath of Life…Gen 2:7), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (meaning the WORD was an expression of God’s Love since according to 1 John 4:8 "God is Love" ). The same was in the beginning with God (as the Logos or thought-form of God’s desire). All things were made by him(here the Word refers to the substantial form of God as Adam and Eve or Christ and the Holy Bride[i]); and without him was not anything made that was made (the Logos or Christ & Bride were the Archetype or Gauge Metric used to create everything[ii]). In him was life (the WORD had life within it as the Breath of Life or Soul from God… Gen 2:7), and the life was the light of men(this life energy radiates from God the source (1John 1:5) externally as LIGHT in the Aura of all living things including human beings). And the light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not (here we are told the surrounding DARKNESS clouds our spiritual understanding of who we are as children of the LIGHT)"

The above biblical quote summarizes everything Cosmologically even from a scientific perspective. The WORD is the substance of GOD as Adam in the Garden of Eden. This word in LOGOS form had life forces within it like a Cosmic Seed of Everything (TOE). Once this Cosmic seed was planted in the SOIL of DARKNESS it germinated into our Universe today over the past 14 Billion Light-years of history in harmony with a Cosmic Arrow of Time.

This WORD mentioned above has been the eternal will of God our Heavenly Parents. It was like a dream in their minds and hearts. A dream waiting to become reality. Our focus in this Chapter 6 is to outline in SUMMARY FORM how that dream became physical reality. But it is important to understand that according to Scientific Godism every existing reality available for scientific research was once a thought in the mind and heart of Heavenly Parents. This is the core premise of Scientific Godism's Theory of Everything. We seek to show the cause-and-effect relationship between Mind (as thought-form creator) and Body (as visible substantial form creator). Both thoughts as ENERGY and physical reality as MATTER are energy constructs banded together by the True Love[iii] of God as the C^2 factor ~ [E = Mc^2].

Next let us talk about the reason why a Divine Being would need to create anything at all, let alone EVERYTHING.

Why Did God Create this Universe?

Why did God create? Godism gives three basic reasons for God to have created the Universes. Remember being the Source and owner of all energy God could have simply remained in His Universal Prime Form as un-manifested Universal Prime Energy (UPE). Had that happened there would be nothing in existence but the invisible stillness of His Energy presence. There would be no life form to ask or even think "does God exist". Let us begin:

1. First [for love] He created everything out of a desire to experience Love. While it is true "God is Love" (1 John4:8) there was no way for God to experience what He was without a separated substantial object partner of Love representing the identity of God in the flesh. Remember prior to the creation process God existed as pure un-manifested energy. We call this Universal Prime Energy (UPE). So the whole Universal construct, as the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, was meant to provide God a means of existence coupled with an eternal environment to exist in.

2. Thus this was the 2nd reason [for life] for the creation process. HEAVENLY PARENTS (GOD) needed an extended living form or body to serve as THEIR object partner (Their mirror image) to allow them to experience the stimulation of love. Thus, in Gen 1:27 we are told God made Adam and Eve[iv] in Their IMAGE as Male and Female.

3.Third [for lineage], to create Adam and Eve there was a need to create an environment for their eternal self-existence as the Lineage of Heavenly Parents. This was the reason Heavenly Parents created Space and Time or what Science calls Spacetime. Spacetime is the eternal realm of uncertainty or the Equilibrium O-zone. It is an energy realm modelled as a 2D flat surface area (a WAVE) structured by a 4PFS into a 3D realm of SPACE augmented by a 4th Dim of TIME thus creating the COSMOS. It is sealed by an invisible cloaking energy shield representing God's eternal power of True Love, acting as a Mobius Strip enrapturing both the Spiritual Universe and the Physical Universe as if they were ONE and the same for Eternity.

With this understanding of WHY this Universe was made we next need to understand scientifically HOW it was done. This will be explained as we summarize the three stages of the creation process as ORIGN-DIVISION-UNION ACTION.

A Summary of the Three Phases of Creation:

Using fig 1 we have laid out the historical development of Science for the past 400/500 years. We have organized it into five sections linked to five vital elements of nature and corresponding five sense organs of the human body. Below we have attempted to outline the core content of our desk study and the findings. A detail presented is available in our book along with diagrams developed to help explain the detail process of Cosmic development from prime energy to prime form via the will of God.


Chapter 6, Sections 1 and 2 linked to the 5 Elements of Nature:

In fig 1 in the Annex, we show a diagram depicting five elements of nature. It is believed by the metaphysical sciences of philosophy[v] that the Great Ultimate or “Tao” brought forth its Yang & Yin counter parts, who in turn manifested five elements of nature. In Chapter VI, we have organized our research findings in harmony with five historic periods of scientific development using the three stage of the creation process and the ideal of God's purpose of Creation as the Completion Stage. In the course of this exposition we introduce five elements of nature as AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH, and WOOD. Later we will link these five elements as Vitality Elements linked to five Sense Organs.

The core ideals of the creator’s purpose of creation expressed in Godism has to do with the concepts of Love, Life and Lineage. According to Godism it is via these three concepts Man can establish a Parent-Child Relationship with God. For clarity of understanding Scientific Godism introduces these three concepts as Axes of rotation around which everything in the Cosmos appears to co-exist. Science recently discovered a new system of Axes which they interestingly refer to as the AXIS of EVIL (see fig 2 in annex). We believe this is evidence of the existence of higher level Axes.

The Axis of LOVE represents the core purpose of creation linked to the Divine Love of God as the Great Ultimate and Source of Love. This axis is a causal internal axis linked to the spirit of human beings. The Axis of LIFE is the first resultant external linked to the physical existence of Adam (Yang) and Eve (Yin) as object partners of the Creator God who stands as their Heavenly Parents in Paradise Isle and the Source of the Axis of Love. Finally, the Axis of LINEAGE is introduced as the FRUIT of LOVE and LIFE. Scientifically it is the Cross Product of Love and Life, linked to the eternal power presence of Heavenly Parents via the existence of their Children throughout the Physical and Spiritual Universe.

This final axis represents EVERYTHING as the 5% responsibility given to Adam and Eve by God, also symbolized as 5 vitality elements of nature transported between HEAVEN AND EARTH via the 5 senses of humankind. In figs 3 and 4 we depict these elements as electricity flowing throughout the Cosmos as Cosmic Energy through a Cosmic Circuit Model of the Universe. Of course, since Adam and Eve are both spiritual and physical, we would expect then to have been given five Physical Senses and 5 Spiritual Senses-ten senses in all for them to exist in true oneness with their Source and Heavenly Parents.

In fig 5 we strive to show how these sense organs interconnect to our Physical and Spiritual Minds giving us the power of perception and the sense of conscious awareness (Consciousness) of everything created by Heavenly Parents in our Local and Spiritual environments. In this way Scientific Godism views the Cosmos as pre-existing with our sense organs serving as instruments tune to a specific energy spectrum instantaneously collapsing the energy forms (E) around us into clear matter forms (M) of reality at what science calls the speed of light (C^2). However due to the Fall of Man our SPIRITS are dead or to immature to properly correlate spiritual and physical reality as originally intended by our Heavenly Parents. We are like babies growing towards Heavenly Perfection like our invisible True Parents. Sometimes we sense spiritual reality but cannot comprehend properly the meaning. Thus currently expect for a few gifted or spiritually attuned individuals, the average person is only physically aware of reality. Most have no consciousness of the spiritual Universe and the few that do have a limited distorted view of spiritual reality.

In the ORIGEN stage God manifested everything at once in the form of the WORD. But the center of the WORD was God’s Love, thus the central purpose, meaning and value of everything in this Cosmos is True Love! True love is the very Source of LIFE with human beings destined to be the FRUIT of LOVE and LIFE. The axis of love is central to existence as the axes of life and lineage are central to development and ACTION. In this ORIGN stage reality emerges into being by the 3-phases power of God's Love (the power of existence, development and action). The whole creation comes into being as ONE HOLY LOGOS or Thought-form initially via the Upper Higg’s Field (UHF) or Godhead. Via the Lower Higg's Field (LHF) representing the body presence of God as Eternal Power the whole creation was born into existence with a BANG!

DIVISION PHASE: Chapter 6, section 3

In this second phase of the historical development of science, referred to as the Schism, we studied the formation and structure of the Four Position Foundation Structure (4PFS) as the new Standard Model of the Creation Process, linked to an Equilibrium O-zone. Everything within the E-Ozone was compared to the inside of an egg as follows:

  • We introduced the newly emerged LOGOS as the COSMIC EGG (CE)[vi] wrapped in a protective three-phase cloaking energy field linked to the 4PFS. Within this eggshell energy field emerges the Equilibrium Ozone serving as the inner trinity structure of the egg, capable of giving birth to the whole Cosmos (see fig 6).

  • We introduced the trinity content of the egg as a central core York balanced by Yang/Yin Object Partners. We called this inner realm O-zone, linked to the YORK as the symbolic CROSSOVER POINT of the Four Position Foundation Structure (4PFS)... see fig 7.

  • We explained how this whole LOGOS/COSMIC EGG passes through the Lower Higg’s Field (LHF) space represented as our Physical Universe, and with time and the warmth of Heavenly Parent’s Love it is hatched into the current COSMOS we exist in today. A Cosmos which has now reached 14 Billion Years Old on route to full maturity at the age of 21 Billion Years Old.

  • We also introduced this Equilibrium O-zone as part of the Throne of God located at a point called Paradise Gravity, existing as a bridge between the Upper Higg’s Field (UHF ~ the Spiritual Universe) as the Godhead and the Lower Higg’s Field (LHF ~ the Physical Universe) as the Realm of God’s Eternal Power or Bodily warmth field (linked to Black Body Radiation).

  • We discussed the Big Bang as the emergence (or birth) of the Cosmos like a chick emerging from an egg, but this chick symbolizes the inanimate cosmic version of Adam and Eve as one flesh divided into Subject and Object components linked to the Spiritual and Physical Universes as Heaven and Earth. Thus, we named our theory “the Big Man with a Big Heart Theory”.

  • We introduced the Equilibrium Ozone as co-existing between a Subject realm linked to the Macro Universe and the object realm linked to the quantum or Micro Realm. In this way we proposed an alternative model of the Universe as Three Cosmos [vii]linked to the Arrow of Time (AOT) and the Anthropic Principle.

  • Also, we discussed the CROSSOVER POINT of existence as linked to the scientific dilemma called the MEASUREMENT PROBLEM. We mentioned how this C-point is also the origin of Scientific Godism’s Consciousness Theory. In this zone we introduced Consciousness as a 4PFS, a Quadruple space zone linked to the very Heart of Heavenly Parents. This is also the root of Quantum Theory, Quantum Gravity, Supersymmetry, M-Theory, etc. See fig 8 entitled the three-phase unfolding of God’s Eternal Power Circuit for some details. There we strive to explain the interconnection of all current theories to Scientific Godism’s TOE.

UNION PHASE: Chapter 6, Section 4:

In this final UNION Phase of Scientific development, we discussed the ultimate expectations of the Creator of Heaven and Earth being a Unified World of Cosmic Peace (see fig 30). For clarity we introduced the concept of “the Arrow of time” (AOT) used in physics to depict the unidirectional flow of all energy related ACTIONS in our Universe, and its link to future reality as birth, the present reality as the eternal Here and Now, and the past reality as Death. All three of these states of being are linked to something science calls ENTROPY. Our purpose in introducing TIME as a DIRECTIONAL WAVE of ENERGY (AOT) passing through an eternal here and now SPACE was as follows:

First: We envision Space and Time as eternally entangled thus the scientific concept of Spacetime. Spacetime represent what we call the trinity cloaking energy of God. This energy is the preserver of Heavenly Parent’s Eternal Power Presence (HP-EPE) throughout the Cosmos. It is the Source of their unchanging, self-existing, eternal, and absolute nature (U-SEA), represented symbolically as the Universal Sea of Energy[viii]. Gravity is a major player in preserving harmony and balance while reality moves relative to the speed of light.

Second: Using this energy field as a wrapping cloth linked to the 4PFS, Heavenly Parents can create Per Unit versions[ix] of reality as billions and billions of ITB. These individual truth bodies (ITB) by virtue of the conserved nature of their cloaking energy, co-exit as ONE BODY within the U-SEA! Of course, outside of that U-SEA as in Outer Darkness what happens to each per unit ITB is a matter of further research.

Third: If we view this SEA as micro particles of energy, gauged and structured like a water molecule, then we could refer to these micro-particles as the generic structure of an ATOM- linked to diverse internalized stored “energy of form” (UPE of form) as MASS content. These micro-particles could be denoted as Planck units of empty SPACE[x] collectively equal to the mass of each ITB. In fig 6-0-16 we strive to show how each ITB preserves its microstructure information as Planck bits of information confined to unique 4PFS linked to Cosmic Water elements energized by a unique AOT.

Forth: Via a special mathematical function linked to TIME God’s divine creativity could led to the clear understanding of the generation of the Periodic Table of Elements as a base to explain the Cosmic Periodic Resonance of EVERYTHING linked to ONE THING GOD! We can imagine this math function as the Quantum Wave Equation Ѱ(s,t) discovered by science and digitized as photons.

Fifth: Scientific Godism envisions this wave function as electromagnetic energy or simply LIGHT! We model it as a three-segment unit linked to three node points and two link points. These five elements can be linked to our five physical senses in future research[xi]. For now, we will refer to the three points as Entropic Space [ of trinity O-zones (-S, S=0, +S)] controllers (as S-controllers linked to Mass) and the two links as Rays of Light representing Time controllers (T-gauge controllers) having temporal information. By T-controllers we are referring to that which determines the lifespan and temporal location of each reality, while S-controllers determines the shape/form or special information of each reality. So together these 5 elements determine the Hamiltonian or TOTAL ENERGY signature [quality (Qa) and quantity (Qf)] of each ITB relative to the generic wholeness of things.

Sixth: The Arrow of Time is like a segment of a WAVE FUNCTION (see fig 35 and 42), something like a WOMB-HOLE capable of bridging dimensions of space and time but always preserving them as ONE. Each ITB is a PU drop of Divinity as God’s being in symbolic form and Image form. Human Beings are the Image (Particle) form while Everything else exist as the symbolic (Wave) form. Via the 4PFS the five forces[xii] of the God’s being act as their hands. The Right hand linked to Man (Yang) and the PU Spiritual World (or antimatter) and the Left hand linked to Woman (Yin) and the PU Physical World (or Matter). These hands measure, mold and preserve one WAVE-LET (~) into a PARTICLE (o) of reality for eternity (See fig 33), with each particle serving as a building block of reality. So, each building block has both spatial and temporal information

Seventh: The particle form (M-Theory) of Universal Prime Energy emerges from the 4PFS first as a Quantum Wave, linked to the Equilibrium O-zone. Next it passes through the Lower Higg’s Field as a POINT CHARGE of ENERGY[xiii] (linked to Adam and Eve’s form) where it accumulates internal energy in harmony with its unique Hamiltonian wave function (see fig 35 Schrodinger’s wave equation). By the way, Schrodinger’s equation is simply a mathematical form of the 4PFS where Internal energy (as MASS) is equated to external energy (as LIGHT FORM) preserving the law of conservation of energy via the 5 forces of nature (note Love is the 5th force of nature existing in the UHF of the SU) acting in harmony with the Noether Theory. We could compare the equal sign (=) to a worm-hole link between Spiritual Universe and the Physical Universe.

Eighth: The final point we would like to make is to describe the Arrow of Time as a figure-8 curvature of Spacetime[xiv] embodying FUTURE, PRESENT and PAST time into one whole reality modeled as a mobius strip with a holographic nature able to convolute Spacetime into a continuum wrapped together as ONE THING as follows:

  • The FUTURE Portion of the WAVE represents Negative Entropy. It is linked to Paradise Gravity as -00 in fig 6-0-41.

  • The Eternal Here and Now or PRESENT portion of the WAVE represents Zero Point Energy as in the Eternal z-Presence of Heavenly Parents in Holy Communion with their Children as GLOBAL SPHERICAL DARKNESS[xv]. This realm exists like a COSMIC PHOTON BEAM with an inner structure called the SUPER UNIVERSE or the Spiritual Universe. In fig 41 we notice this central point (0,1) is the TRUE GOD PARTICLE linked to Paradise Isle directly.

  • The PAST portion of the WAVE represents Positive Entropy. It is linked to Paradise Gravity as +00 in fig 41.

  • Each ITB carries the AOT signature plus 3D INFORMATION[xvi] linked to the structure and purpose of its inner and outer space. All this spatial and temporal information is coded within the trinity graviton unit or God Particle at the core of each photon. Thus, Scientific Godism hypothesizes the existence of gluonic light as mundane light linked to Quantum Gravity.

COMPLETION PHASE: Chapter 6, Section 5:

Here we discuss the eternal future of everything Scientific as the COMPLETION of Heavenly Parent's Providence of restoration. We do so from the viewpoint of their purpose of creation. We call this section: "the dawn of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community and the Utopian Awakening of Humankind". We explore two key concepts in this section linked to the Grand Unification Theory (GUT) and the Search for a Theory of Consciousness.

Thank you for joining us


FIG 1: A 500 Year Overview of the Historic Development of Physics

Fig 2: Axis of Evil and the Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR/CMR).

Fig. 3: Closed-Loop Model a Universal Circuit Theory with Vitality Elements flowing through the Circuit at the Speed of Light linking the Spiritual Universe and the Physical Universe.

FIg 4: Model of the Universal Circuit Theory According to Scientific Godism

Fig 5: An overview of Man as the Center of the Cosmos.

We each have a Spirit Man and a Physical Body with 5 spiritual and 5 physical senses. The dual form of ourselves co-exist in two diverse Universes, one Spiritual and the other Physical. For each of us these Universes co-exist as a photon of electromagnetic energy of LIGHT. We don't feel this because of the effect of gravity always preserving a rest mass environment for us linked to inertia. It is like being in a rocket ship moving at the speed of light, gravity will always ensure you are not aware of this motion. The Spiritual Universe is composed of Divine Light also called in Gen 1: 5 Light of Day (Wye). Likewise the Physical Universe is composed of Mundane Light referred to as Light of Night (Delta).The combined flow rate of these two light sources (symbolized as 00) is what science calls the speed of correlation or the speed of light (C= 3x10^8 m/s). The figure 8 shape surrounding both Universes above represents eternity and infinity as God's eternal power cloaking energy source. More to come later...

Fig 6 : a conceptual diagram of the Cosmos as an egg waiting to hatch. picture downloaded from internet.

Fig 7: Pictorial View of a Four Position Foundation Structure (4PFS)

Fig 8: Three Phase Unfolding of God's Energy Presence from Paradise Isle (Pi) to Paradise Gravity (Pg).

Fig 9: A Breakdown of Universal Energy .

Fig 10: Overview of Four Position Foundation Structure 4PFS

One of the key take always of this 4PFS diagram as a new standard model of physics is the understanding of the origin of darkness as the realm of our Physical Universe.. While modern science has discovered DARKNESS and have labelled its as Dark Energy and Dark Matter, they are uncertain of the core structural component of this darkness. Scientific Godism believes this darkness is the result of micro-tiny static energy bubbles (MSEB) modelled as Cosmic Water bubbles (CWB). They emerge from the Yellow zone of fig 10.

The yellow zone is referred to as the Equilibrium O-zone (E-Ozone). It is also know as the Quantum Realm of Reality. In this realm everything exist as ZPE. It is also a realm of uncertainty as in Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. We have modeled the existence of this realm as a realm of zero point charges of energy called R(s,t) representing the Spacetime Energy Field of an electron /positron pair held in stasis ( meaning a state of inactivity resulting from a static balance between opposing forces). Imagine two opposite charges being brought together slowly until they reach a gauged measure referred to as per unit R(s,t). Without actually touching each other we could proclaim that gauged measure as a COSMIC ABSOLUTE or the Equilibrium O-zone (E-ozone). The unique characteristic of this E-ozone would be defined as the minimum spacetime range before a short circuit take place between the electron/positron pair. Once the short circuit takes place the electron/positron pair converts into pure energy without matter (this would be linked to the definition of absolute rest mass...Mo found only in Pi) . So in summary what science calls Spacetime can be defined as a STASIS BUBBLE of pure energy without internalized stored energy as MASS....meaning EMPTY SPACE made of pure Divine Light.

On this foundation of understanding we could define the E-ozone as the dividing line between Pure Internalized Energy (PIE) and Pure Externalized Matter (PEM)., or Spiritual Energy as PIE vs Physical Energy as PEM. That which preserves the gauged measure between the electron and the positron pair is what Einstein called C^2 in his formula E=Mc^2. Maxwell's equations called it LIGHT or electromagnetic energy (Fem). This phenomena LIGHT is one of the four known forces of the Universe. Through the above reasoning we understand the unique value of mundane light as the ABSOLUTE GAUGE MEASURE OF SPACETIME AND ALL REALITY.

From the E-Ozone of the 4PFS we have two space zone, the Upper Space Zone and the Lower Space Zone. The Upper Space Zone is linked to the Spiritual World and is called the Upper Higg's Field (UHF) of the 4PFS linked to Divine Light. The Lower Space Zone is linked to the Physical World and is called the Lower Higg's Field (LHF) of the 4PFS. It is the LSZ/LHF that we exist in as the Physical Universe full of DARKNESS.

What we see as Dark Energy is the residue COSMIC FOAM of the MATTER CREATION LOVE MAKING process in the LHF linked to Divine Light. This energy is controlled by the divergence cycle of the COSMIC HEART BEAT linked to Scientific Godism's BIG MAN with the BIG HEART THEORY.

What we call Dark Matter is the residue COSMIC FORM of the MATTER CREATION LOVE MAKING process in the LHF linked to Mundane Light. But this energy is controlled by the convergence cycle of the COSMIC HEART BEAT of HEAVENLY PARENTS ENERGY PRESENCE.

From the viewpoint of the Cosmic Circuit Theory in Fig 4 the left side (representing the Wye circuit outside of the closed-loop Delta circuit) is linked to pure imaginary Space( Z-Matrix) as complex space or reactive power gauged as dark energy, while the right side (representing the womb space of the Delta Closed-Loop circuit) is linked to real space (W-matrix) or resistive power gauged as dark matter. In electrical engineering we use the model of a glass of beer to differentiate REAL vs REACTIVE POWER. The liquid beer is considered to be real power; while the Beer FOAM is called the reactive or imaginary power. We use Power Factor (Pf) to gauge the proportion of real vs imaginary power.


[i] Note these two are called the OBJECT PARTNERS OF GOD. They exist as the absolute identity of God as Heavenly Parents. Some Christians interpret the WORD only as JESUS or the male aspect of GOD. But here we are told “all things were made by him”, clearly a man alone cannot bear a child. He would need a WOMAN. We believe therefore after creating ADAM alone, God created EVE as his helper and asked the two of them to become as ONE FLESH. [ii] They were the sperm and egg repository of Heavenly Parents. This is symbolized as the TREE OF LIFE (ADAM) and the TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL (EVE). Notice how TREES are rooted in the GROUND or SOIL for nurturance, while growing towards the HEAVENS in beauty, bearing the fruit of their lineage. A core premise of Scientific Godism is to show the process of creation as a DIVINE CYCLE linked to BIRTH, LIFE , and DEATH in the Physical Universes, leading towards ETERNAL LIFE and ONENESS with HEAVENLY PARENTS in the Spiritual Universes. [iii] In our research we propose the existence of the GOD PARTICLE as a THREE PHASE photon of light having diverse power factors. We call it the cloaking band of God’s Eternal Power symbolized as three aspects of infinity: 1. horizontal infinity (00) as in co-equals, 2. vertical infinity (8) as in Heaven and Earth, and 3. Eternal Life infinity as in lineage of Central Blessed Families. We model the whole process of creation as the flow of eternal power like an electric power system with the unidirectional Arrow of Time showing the pathway of BIRTH, LIFE, DEATH as the gateway to eternal life with Heavenly parents. [iv] Note if Adam and Eve had fulfilled the three Blessings given to them, they would have become the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind. This is the title reserved for the first human couple to fulfill this human responsibility in the flesh. Rev 21: 1-5 refers to them as the TABERNACLE OF GOD ON EARTH. [v] [vi] [vii] The third Cosmos is linked to the presence of human beings existing in the PRESENT time zone where S=0. This is also the realm of Heavenly Parent’s eternal presence as the womb space preserving our collective existence. [viii] According to Scientific Godism this U-SEA is a type of liquid light. It is formed from Divine Light by the 4PFS. The relationship between Divine Light (DL) and Mundane Light (ML) is the relationship between MIND and BODY. They are two aspects of the same thing - Dual Characteristics (DC). [ix] By per unit we are referring to a gauged measure. Energy by itself has no boundaries thus Steven Hawkings and associates coined the word “a No-Boundary Proposal” to describe the U-SEA.,on%20either%20time%20or%20space. However, for the sake of measurements a gauge metric was needed, so Heavenly Parents released their energy via the gauge measure of Spacetime. [x] Later we can compare these Planck units to IRON FILLINGS as micro-particles controllable by magnetic field energy as a toroidal group action field. In this way we can say that the INNER electric field energy acts like the MIND of GOD, determining the spatial and temporal information needed to describe reality as an ITB; while the OUTER magnetic field energy acts like the BODY of GOD, actual giving birth to the form of reality as an ITB. This mechanism is quite like a 3D photocopier. [xi] This research would explain how we are able to perceive the structural form (spatial) of reality and its specific TIME STREAM (temporal) location via our 5 physical and spiritual senses. We believe this in essence is due to the nature of LIGHT as a combined spiritual (Day Light) and physical (Night Light) phenomena. Each photon of light has spatial and temporal information built into it. Scientific Godism via the 4PFS believes every photon of light has a trinity form of information within it as the missing Gravitons or Gluons, thus we refer to light as Gluonic light. It is this gluonic nature of light that explains holograms. Also, we believe our Physical Senses where designed and tuned to a specific segment of the total spectrum of light. Finally, we believe there exist a mirror universe to be called the Spiritual Universe which acts as a conservatory of TOTAL ENERGY. In the 4PFS both the spiritual universe as Cosmic Subject Partner and the physical universe as Cosmic Object Partner assign co-equal representatives to serve as gauge Yang/Yin partners at the Equilibrium O-zone. Adam and Eve were Heavenly Parents assigned subject object partners. A candidate for the inanimate YANG/YIN presence of Heavenly Parents in our Universe is what science call the Mystery of Missing Matter or Dark Matter/Dark Energy. We also believe human beings have a spirit man with 5 Spiritual Sense which will allow us one day to consciously co-exist in both Universe. We believe a POSITRONS and ELECTRONS are particles which co-exist in both Universes via their anti-matter counterparts (ANTI-POSITRON and ANTI-ELECTRONS). With further research into STREAM education, we foresee a new age of physics centered on SG-O-TOE. [xii] The five forces are the force of LOVE (linked to Paradise Isle Pi as vertical empty space), the force of GRAVITY (linked to Paradise gravity (Pr) as horizontal flat space), and the trinity of Strong force (Fst), Electromagnetic force (Fem) and Weak force (Fwk) all serving as a graviton payload package. [xiii] technically without mass expect the rest mass defined by the PU point charge. The reason we cannot measure Spiritual mass is because such mass also called rest mass (Mo) is defined by the E-charge surrounding it. Earlier we introduced this E-charge as a PU electromagnetic energy field measured at the quantum level as a Qf or quantitative characteristic of the Spirit Energy. I thus believe that a photon is a pu factor of Spiritual energy with the mass equal to the dot product of the quantum number for VOLTAGE and CURRENT of the ITB. [xiv] Note this figure has fascinated me personally since we had my first vision of female angels. [xv] This is linked to dark energy (linked to Divine Light as remanent of Super universe) and dark matter (linked to mundane light as ground floor) light. [xvi] Review our version of Quantum Holonomy Theory published separately as “Overview Notes on QHT”. There we propose the nature of their core 3D space, linked to C*-algebra, to be like our concept of the Upper Higg’s Field. Likewise, we propose the nature of an alternative core 3D space, linked to W*-algebra, to be like our concept of the Lower Higg’s Field but linked to 8D. For clarity we divide the 4PFS into two symmetry groups as the SU(2) and MOO(3) or simply SUN and MOON groups.

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