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My Reflections on Being God

Originally written on June 6, 2018

Please refer to the end-notes for greater meaning.

Fig 1:The symbolic image of GOD...part 1

Fig 2: The symbolic image of God relative to Man and Crestion...Part 2

This morning I awoke with the though “I am God”. Then I reflected on Einstein’s thought experiment with light and decided to do one of my own but this time from an energy perspective. Please join me on a journey of self-discovery:

I was lying on bed with my wife on my left side. We were surrounded by a mosquito net. From that initial condition the following thoughts came flowing to my mind:

1. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was without form dark and void all around” …these biblical thoughts took me back to the very origin of creation before anything was made. In this state of mind, I realized STEM[1] education was not needed since science, math, technology and even engineering was not existing. Also, while in this state I realized God was the first Engineer, or Doctor or Lawyer. He was the root of even thought itself. I began to understand why religion is based only on faith and not facts…why God answered Moses “I am that I am” when asked “Who should I say sent me?”. From God’s perspective He was the only reality and the first cause of everything, so the “I” in the “I am” was synonymous to saying, “The ONE”, as in Rev 4:2:

“And immediately I was in the spirit; and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and ONE sat on the throne.”.

2. Suddenly two things popped into my mind while thinking of myself as the ONE: 1. Spiritual world from a scientific perspective must be a thought-form, a persisting thought in the mind of a God-like being… a dream with endless possibilities… 2. To create anything or everything the “I” would have to die or forget itself.

On the foundation of these two thoughts I realized that God was pure consciousness without a body or form. Let’s refer to this state of God as “God the Absolute” (see Fig 1). The essence of God in this state is pure consciousness, but a unique consciousness of LOVE. By LOVE [3] I mean the desire to give and live for others purely without expectation of anything in return. This desire is so connected and all encompassing that it brings into being everything from nothing and it does so with a clear singular purpose…the joy of humankind. In English this would be called “an unconditional love” or simply parental love. For only True Parents can exhibit this quality of love for their object of love[4].

As I reflected on these thoughts, I remained lying in bed with my wife by my side. Then I realized that the first Causal Consciousness[5] (GOD) had no one to share His bed[6] with. So naturally to better put myself in His shoes, I imagined I too was all alone, perfectly still, with nothingness all around[7] me. Suddenly again I shifted my thoughts to the need for language and senses as tool to express my thoughts to you the reader. Thinking about the Genesis story written by Moses I realized that God expresses Himself through the mind of his object partners, thus we must have been the first object partners of GOD. As compared to any other created being we were the first. I finally had my first eureka-moment realizing that each human being is a cell in the body of GOD with the mission of remembering who we are. The very first person to awaken and remember totally[8] will hold the historic position of being “the True Parent of Heaven Earth and Humankind”. They will now be responsible to awaken all of us as Children of God.

3. Continuing our journey, I realized that pure consciousness is intangible, meaning it cannot be perceived even by senses. Thus, I understood that God’s first creative challenge was to create vessels of perception via which he could share his thoughts, feeling and manifest his will. This is my view on why Angels were made. They were the second created entities in the process of creation, created for the sole purpose of assisting God who was pure unmanifested consciousness. The first created entity was “the Spirit of God”[fig 1] himself.

4. But what does a being of pure consciousness use to create a substantial object partner with perception abilities like thoughts, feelings and ability to act[9]? From a scientific perspective the only tool God would need is ENERGY. In Physics, the simple definition of energy is the ability to do work as in action[10]. But where would this energy come from, since by the Law of Conservation of Energy (COE) it must possess the same attribute of GOD himself? Logic dictates it would have to be an energy that is SELF-EXISTING, ETERNAL, and ABSOLUTE... all except UNCHANGING, since the ability to change energy from one form to another would eventually become the Cosmic secret referred to as the "Theory of Everything", a theory that science has been searching since Stephen Hawkins revolutionized the idea of a black holes. Now lets ponder a do you transform energy from one form to another without really changing it? The simple answer would be found in the mathematical concept called equivalence. Some how, from a cosmic viewpoint all energy forms are the same (light, matter, information, space, time,etc...all the same). Godism introduces this very ENERGY as the BODY of GOD and calls it Universal Prime Energy (UPE). Thus, my second favorite bible verse Rom 1:20 comes to mind:

Rom 1:20 “For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes – his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, because they are understood through what has been made. So, people are without excuse” NET version

5. Now I realized that “God is Love” is synonymous or equivalent to “God is Pure Energy”. From a physical viewpoint it is very difficult to know a person’s nature unless they reveal it to you, but you can perceive their nature from their actions or usage of energy. Godism calls this duality Sung Sang-SS (God is love) and Hyung Sang-HS (God is Pure Energy) or internal character vs. external form. Suddenly I could conceive of myself as a child of God in the making since I too possessed these dual characteristics. Having studied electrical engineering and having had many dreams and even visions of myself with a lightning bolt[11] on my chest standing in a vase empty unfinished arena, I realized that the God in me[12] was awakening and wanted me to give myself to its guidance. In hindsight this was the start of my search for understanding regarding the structure and inner working of the Cosmos from an energy perspective. I call this research "sustainable and renewable energy in search of the logos form of GOD". This research journey gradually gave birth to "Scientific Godism as a New Theory of Everything" (SG_TOE).

6. Continuing our journey, we have come to the awareness of the “I am or Christ Consciousness” being pure conscious energy that is naturally unchanging, self-existing, eternal and absolute, like a universal sea of pure consciousness. Let’s call this our second eureka moment. So, while still lying in bed I realize I am pure consciousness with an infinite capacity to do whatever my heart desires. But as I started to move towards my heart’s desire[13] I remembered that "while I existed as a conscious being with infinite capacity I was not yet real!". At this point I began to reflect on the difference between being Absolute (wave-like) vs being Relative (particle-like). Einstein and many other great minds in science have struggled with this thought[14]. I decided to put myself in God’s position centered on Godism to resolve the impasse of “wanting to act while knowing that I am not real” vs “taking action”. Previously[15] I (we) mentioned that for God to substantiate himself, or to create anything, he would have to die to himself.

7. From a spiritual perspective this means God could only be substantiated by securing a form, or an identity. So, when God told Moses I am that I am, this showed that He had created an identity for Himself as the Almighty I AM. It was no longer "God the Absolute" speaking to Moses but his Avatar the "I AM". This means his first action was to use his eternal power to create a base for His existence. In SG-TOE[16] I refer to this moment as God waking up[17] and I named this moment as Pi or Paradise Isle. It was a moment[18] and not a place or time since Space and Time are both created realities from the UPE of God. It was a moment which could be understood and explained with SG-TOE and STEM education. Finally, it was an eternal here and now moment which would represent GOD’s identity as in the Garden of Eden.

8. This Pi while being beyond Space and Time and beyond human conception must be substantial because if it wasn’t then nothing could come into existence. Here we have mankind’s greatest quandary and the reason why the wave/particle dilemma regarding energy exist. God thought carefully about this identity before he woke up, so in answer to Einstein and Bohr’s debate I say NO! This “NO’ means "God does not play dice with creation", but He does provide an opportunity for infinite possibilities in a moment. And each ITB (Individual truth body) is a eternal moment or a per unit C.E.L.L.(Cosmic Energy of Love and Life) in the Cosmic Being we call GOD our Heavenly Parents (symbolized in Fig 1.).

9. The Garden of Eden was to be the ideal residence of God and from a scientific perspective it had to be like GOD... unchanging, self-existing, eternal and absolute. Thus, came my (our) third eureka moment. In paragraph two above I realized that the Spiritual World had to be like a thought-form in the consciousness of God, but with the need for Pi being like God (an unchanging, self-existing, eternal, and absolute realm ) I came to the full realization that the LOGOS mentioned in John 1:1 was fully conceived as the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve at the center representing GOD’s anticipated human form. That LOGOS was not only the “WORD made FLESH” it was also the whole COSMOS manifested whole, and next substantiate by the Eternal Power of the Godhead; thus, Godism calls the Universe the Object partner of God. In this realm God’s hope was to experience eternal JOY without consequences[19].

10. Suddenly while striving to grasp this new identity, I reached over to my wife and started rubbing her body, while thinking to myself where did she come from? I reviewed all the thoughts associated with beauty, goodness, happiness, joy, and ecstasy. As these thoughts swirled around in my mind and heart, I realized that God must have had similar thoughts regarding how to ensure eternal happiness for everyone and everything. Suddenly I woke up ending part 1 of my reflection on being with God.

Summary of my reflections:

1. First Eureka Moment: "Each human being is a cell (Cosmic Energy of Love ❤️ and Life) in the body of GOD with the mission of remembering who we are". When all of us awaken to who we really are, then and only then will we all again (like Adam and Eve) hear "the voice of God" (Rev 4:5) as our Heavenly Parents in the restored Garden of Eden in our hearts, relative to our awakened position. By faith I have come to realize that Father and Mother Moon are the first awakened di-polar (or Diac) presence of God on Earth; while many are awakening, Father and Mother Moon are the first to complete the process and establish the True Love Foundation for the awakening of us all...thus they qualify to be called the "True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind". Aju

2. Second Eureka Moment: "God the 'I am or Christ Consciousness' exist as pure unmanifested conscious energy". Godism refers to this as Universal Prime Energy (UPE). In its absolute form it is "NULL" or Zero, but in its relative form it is the "ONE" with harmonized duality. One aspect of UPE)action represents the Godhead or Consciousness of God, while another aspect UPE)form represents God's Eternal Power as the Alpha and Omega presence of God symbolized in Fig 1 . This absolute form of God is what science has final recognized and coined as Zero Point Energy (ZPE). It has been perceived scientifically as a universal quantum field of pure unmanifested energy with the characteristics of being unchanging, self-existing, eternal and absolute. What they have not been able to understand is the true inner and outer qualities of this energy. But I foresee this happening over the next ten years. Already in 2012 they recognized the existence of a parental field of energy having the unique nature of converting UPF)action type into UPF)form type. This field has been called Higg's field linked to a Higg's Particle. By providence this Higg's particle has also been referred to by Science as the GOD PARTICLE. It is the particle which gives mass to virtual mind-like particles like photons (light charge linked to a cross point of EMF +), and gluons (color charge linked to great beauty with an extreme curvature linked to a trinity energy particle called a Graviton), etc.

3. Third Eureka Moment: "the LOGOS mentioned in John 1:1 was fully conceived as the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve at the center representing GOD’s anticipated human form". In the bible we were told of the creation process taking six days to complete and that Adam and Eve were created on the 6th day. We were also told of two trees in the middle of the Garden symbolizing the element of life and death for humankind. In future blogs I will explore the inner meaning of this insight regarding the holistic view of the Cosmos as ONE.

Until my next reflection…Love you all forever…


[1] My current research is how to teach the creation process from the perspective of STEM education.

[2] While writing this sentence I realized why the bible used small letters when referring to heaven, earth, throne and one. This denoted thought-forms not physical reality. Physical realities are corporeal while thought-forms are not.

[3] This definition is based on Godism, the teachings of Rev Dr. Sun Myung Moon. While many scientists have concluded that the creative force of the Universe is LOVE they have done so from the view of entropy representing death and decay. They simply perceive the POWER of LOVE as the creative force of the Universe. But few have been able to understand the inner nature of this first Casual force as Father Moon has. Today science is searching for understand dark energy and dark matter linked to the universal constant force of acceleration. SG-TOE hypothesis these forces as the physical signature force of LOVE linked to GRAVITY.

[4] Remember how Solomon in all his wisdom understood that True Love is even able to give up ownership in return for the child’s happiness.

[5] I use these words (Causal [God] Consciousness) to refer to the awareness that the first cause had of itself prior to creation. In the process of creation, it had to forget itself when it took substantial form as Adam (Yang-greater light) and Eve (YIN-lessor light). By Adam and Eve I am referring to the first human form with the seed consciousness of the “I am”. This “I am consciousness” is the “Christ Consciousness”.

[6] By bed I am referring to His state of perfect stillness.

[7] Of course, the question becomes “what is around?” and “what is me?”

[8] From history we are told that Lord Jesus Christ was the first person to refer to himself as a child of God, thus He has the historic title of being called “God the Son”. As with Buddha and other great religious founders none of them could express the totality of the “Christ Consciousness” as Lord Jesus did, yet even He didn’t reveal everything.

[9] Remember in the pure state of consciousness “I am “could not do anything but think or from our perspective "dream".

[10] In reality very few Physicist really understand energy.

[11] This was one of the many vision and dreams given to me by my unique Christ Consciousness seeking to be awaken… William Shakespeare expressed this vision in a similar why when he said “to be or not to be that is the question”

[12] My unique view of the residue “Christ Consciousness” striving to remember. Earlier I referred to each of us human beings as a cell in the body of GOD, the Almighty ONE. Each of us have what Kabbalist call the “dot in the heart”. It is the voice that calls while few respond (Mt 22:14).

[13] In this unique case it was to make love with my wife.

[14] A study of physics reveals the great debate between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr, two core advocates of Relativity (particle-like) vs. Quantum state (wave-like). They struggled to understand why and how a particle as a corporeal entity could be both solid and wave-like.

[15] See paragraph two

[16] This is an acronym for my research topic called : Scientific Godism: A Theory of Everything as One.

[17] Godism provided me with the clarity that True Love woke up GOD. What I needed from a scientific perspective was to show how this could be done within the bonds of STEM education.

[18] SG-TOE introduces "a Moment" as the first instead of the space-time field of energy. It is between the Alpha and Omega or the ONE vs the ZERO. A moment is the eternal here and now. What we perceive as time and space is but the effect of the flow of God's eternal power (energy) working its miracle of life. When the time is up, our physical bodies decay via entropy and we open our eyes to the truth our our unique eternal moment which we have built through our lifestyle. If that has been a life of righteousness (centered on God) then we awaken to our unique Garden of Eden but if that has been a life of unrighteousness then we are awaken to the truth of that lifestyle. Thus the bible says (Gal 6:7): "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap".

[19] Without consequences means without loss as in entropy. The Garden of Eden was meant to be a place of eternal happiness centered on True Love. There every created being would naturally live for the sake of each other with collective JOY, PEACE, SECURITY and HAPPINESS. This realm without consequences is not the physical world we live in today, it is the Spiritual World. This physical world is corporeal and thus linked to a ST-field of energy. While that energy is eternal the true "YOU" sees this realm as a womb where we are conceived as beings of Light...God's children. We are only meant to exist in this womb for a period of tine called conception period... approximately 100 years, after which we are borne into the real substantial but incoporeal world as our eternal home.

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