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My Peace Message on Liberia's 171st Independence Day

Title: My challenge to all progressives, revolutionary fighters and militants on this our 171st birth anniversary as a Nation of Destiny for Africa.

By: Amb Rev Gerald B. Coleman, Sr. Peace Ambassador, True Love Family Foundation for Peace & Development in Africa, Universal Peace Federation of Liberia

Data: July 26, 2018

1. Introduction:

To my fellow Liberians let me start by saying Happy Independence Day 2018. Today we celebrate our 171st independence day as a nation built on Christian principles but resurrected in 1986 as a secular state, still in love with God.

As we move forward towards 2020 let us reflect on our destiny. We carry the name LIBERIA which can be interpreted to mean LIBER ...I...A . The "liber" is Latin for "freedom" while the "I" can stand for IN and the "A" can stand for AFRICA. In principle our name means "freedom in Africa". The pioneers who founded this nation were free slaves from America. Though the purpose behind their freedom is multifaceted, their dream was singular: "Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all". Yet today those of us alive to celebrate this 171st birthday of Mother Liberia do so on the foundation of much bloodshed and pain in search of true freedom. Why has it been so difficult for us to build a nation we all want...a nation of freedom, liberty and justice for all? The answer is simple: "Evil is crouching at our doors, its desire is to dominate us, but we must overcame it" Gen 4:6-7.

2. Liberia: A Nation of Destiny for Africa:

After history brought our African ancestors to the shores of West Africa in search of peace (freedom, liberty and justice for all), a group of Africans were again sole into a new captivity (slavery) by their brothers for economic gain. By the grace of Lord Jesus Christ, the Liberian of the transatlantic slave trade were sent back to Africa with "THE DESTINY" for Africa. They landed on a small island called "Providence Island". They proclaimed themselves a free nation of destiny for Africa in Gods house (providence Baptist church), and begin the greatest quest known to "people of color" descend, that quest was to build Gods kingdom on earth. That is our unfulfilled destiny for Africa.

3. The Bases of my challenge:

By 1980, representing 133 years since our independence from captivity in America we saw another providential event of CAIN killing ABEL represented by the death of our 20th President William R. Tolbert (Abel) at the hands of Samuel K. Doe (Cain). This singular event ended the 1st Republic of Liberia, and in 1986 we saw the rise of the 2nd Republic of Liberia as a secular state still in love with God, but ruled by a Dominion of Evil (D.O.E).

In the 1920's Prophet William Harris had foretold our destiny prior to the second coming of Christ. His prophesy was meant to turn us away from evil to the love and service of God; however his words were not accepted by both sides, the ruling elites and the indigenous masses. By 1980 our only hope for true liberation was THE GUN. We saw the rise of violence as a tool for reconciling our difference. As we crossed the 21st century with the global rise of Gods Kingdom on Earth centered on the spiritual work of True Parents (Rev Dr. & Mrs Sun Myung Moon), Liberia was proclaimed a FAILED-STATE. We had failed at using violence as a tool for freedom , liberty and justice for all. We had also failed our destiny.

Yet recently during this historic period of "New Hope" under the leadership of a great Liberian, who was democratically elected as our 24th President, we are hearing rumors of unjust violence in our mist, linked to press freedom, transparency and accountability. Why? Have we not learned our lessons. Are we not low and poor enough? Must we always have foreign intervention to resolve our differences? Can we not recognize failed leadership and endure a legal process of change until we can find a God centered righteous leader?

4. My Challenge to all revolutionary fighters, former warlords, the progressive elders and youth:

a. You are fighting an endless, useless battle using violence and brute force. Thus you need to change your strategy.

b. First decide clearly on what it is you want to achieve politically and make it public. In this way all peace loving Liberians will rise to your defense.

c. If you are not satisfied with the current political climate, under our democracy, you are entitled to create a political party centered on a clear platform with clear objectives, activities and deliverables and seek the necessary membership.

d. At the next election 2023 present your platform to the people. If you win, actionize your plan in harmony with the rule of law, in a transparent way and hopefully we will see your deliverables as blessings for our nation. If you fail to do this collectively, then another election term will give someone else a chance, but history will have recorded your good efforts as failure. Today we see all of the good efforts of our past leaderships as failures from the viewpoint of our national destiny.

e. The Key point is "No Violence! !!". Why? Because violence takes away from the rights of the innocent others and leaves you who chose that path (and the nation as a whole) with much indemnity to paid, weather you win or lose. Liberia today is a key example. We choose violence in the 1979 rice riot and have paid 27 years (1979 to election2006) of indemnity. Who amongst you beside the beneficiary of violence (many of our current political leaders) can say with a clean conscious: YES it was worth it?

f. President Weah and party were voted into power freely and fairly. We the people have to endure whatever they give us because they have our collective sovereign power. If we feel they are off course then our only legal means is not violence, but to use our judicial and legislative power; with the hope that next time election2023, we will make a better choice. Democracy is a temporary form of governance pending the establishment and understanding of Gods Kingship on Earth.

g. If both judicial and legislative means fail, then "we the people" can partition for impeachment of the ruling party instead of taking up GUNS.

h. Of course all of these processes assume we are "children of God". Since only such children, as Blessed Peacemakers, are law abiding. Violence is the strategy of Satan's children, and we have all seen the results of that strategy. Satan's children care nothing about the rights of others and are only concerned about themselves. They rape women, destroy the future of our youth and kill without conscious, all for their self purpose. This is why I define S.I.N. as Selfish Individual Nature. Those who use violence to deal with such SINNERS are no different from Satan's children. They are also un-repenting sinners and care nothing about Liberia as a nation of destiny for Africa. Of course for our current youth (SUP) I call it ignorance and frustration.

As we celebrate this 171st independence day let us remember: Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be call the children of God. Join us and lets build a New Liberia as a Nation of Destiny for Africa. Love you all forever...

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