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The Preface to my upcoming book entitled: "Scientific Godism A New Theory of Everything"

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, 1512 AD

Preface to my upcoming book entitled: "Scientific Godism: A New Theory of Everything"...

This booklet is part of the fruit of my life long search to understand why Africa, one of the riches continents on the planet, has been relegated to a perpetual state of conflict, culminating into our 21st century position of rampant disease, ignorance and poverty; what I call the D.I.P.-state of human existence. Though I was trained as an Electrical Engineer, after my country when through a 27-year period of useless civil conflicts, I choice the path of religion in search of my answers. I challenge God himself to talk to me or forever hold his peace. In 1979 while working towards my doctorate degree at Northeastern University, I meet the Unification Movement. I did a three day fast and told God “I want new truth” and if he didn’t talk to me after this fast, then he could very well forget about me as a Christian. I was disillusioned with my faith, but my challenge was answered through the teaching of Godism [1].

Over a 33-year period (1979 to 2012), led by prayers and the spirit of Lord Jesus Christ, I came to know the true but painful story of God himself and who Rev Dr. & Mrs. Moon were, relative to God’s search for a tabernacle through whom He could manifest his physical presence on earth (Rev 21:1-5). I came to know them as the True Parents of heaven, earth and humankind. This awakening came about through a life of suffering and great sacrifice to my family, nation and continent, but I felt that God was personally answering my questions about Africa by showing me his side of the story, thus I see Godism as the study of God’s viewpoint about life.

With my new personal awakening and concern for Africa, I came to understand that the future of Africa required a new view of GOD beyond just faith and evangelism. Most Africans are spiritual people who love GOD via many spiritual paths, but with our history as the root of modern civilization, I began to wonder, why then are we still in the bottom billion of human society? I came to realize that this sad state of suffering was linked to our soft heart and ignorance of God’s true heart as our Parents. There is a saying in Africa: “the white man brought us the bible and took everything else”[2]. But the truth is, even after our liberation from slavery by our great African liberators, our democratically elected leaders continued the traditions of their former slave masters, again (in my opinion) because of the ignorance of the masses and their own inner ignorance of God’s heart.

So, through my years of searching for the truth about Africa, I came to realize our ignorance of God’s heart and will is the cause of our suffering. Thus, I promised God after my various physical and spiritual test and training from 1979 to 1994 that I would work to truly liberate my people in Liberia with the TRUTH of Godism. After trying to fulfill this promise through the religious path…even serving on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia, I realized in 2012, upon the passing of Rev Dr. Moon that I had failed in my promise. Father Moon’s passing traumatized me more than the 33 years of life in a war-torn nation. I then entered a state of deep reflection and meditation seeking to know what I had done wrong and what would be the best way to reconcile our national impasse with conflicts and development. The bible was clear in John 8:23 “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. I knew the power of Divine Principle as the TRUTH that set me free, yet after 33 years of witnessing to my family and people around me using GODISM, I was surprise to see the poor results in the mist of great victory for traditional religions.

I found that very few people could grasp the message of Godism as I had. While in my state of reflection I took a job at the W.V.S. Tubman University as Dean of the College of Engineering. There I came to realize the power of science and technology as a new tool for enlightenment, peace and development for Africa.

The ideas of this book were conceived from an academic environment. I realized that science is more convincing then religion because it does not require faith, but instead relies on logic, mathematics and perceivable evidence from the world around us. I started thinking…what if I could teach in a way that would naturally reveal the existence of GOD and the PURPOSE of our life on earth? Gradually I started thinking of STEM education[3] which was becoming popular in the academic community. I started thinking that Godism could be taught via the scientific and engineering design methods.

This book and others soon to follow is part of my personal ongoing research on the topic of sustainability and renewable energy systems. I hope to use Godism and the law of Conservation of energy to show beyond reasonable doubt that before the Big Bang there was GOD as the source of all energy. Most physicists are afraid to admit this, so they continue to search for a theory of everything without God. While I accept this is theoretically possible I am also certain it will not provide the hope we need for eternal life. It is my sincere hope, through Scientific Godism, to empower a future generation of Liberians and African to take the responsibility originally given to Adam and Eve as their modern-day CROSS of Lord Jesus Christ. Together I believe we can collectively build a new Africa. While our present corrupt leaders are stuck in the darkness of entropy and decay, I believe centered on Godism a new breed of Africa leaders will find a pathway to sustainable and renewable engineering technology in harmony with God’s way of life. Under these new leaders I see a new era of freedom and abundance opening up to mankind, from a SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL ENERGY perspective; plus, the new found wisdom (as LIGHT) of GODISM is destined to show us the path to TRUE JUSTICE and LOVE for all. Please feel free to ponder every thought and to challenge my reasoning. For the beauty of science as compared to religion is the power of the TRUTH (as Light) to remove the darkness (as ignorance) revealing the true fiber of reality as structured love energy. In this way science does not require faith but only understanding. Love you all forever.


[1] Godism is basically the teachings of Rev Dr & Mrs Sun Myung Moon. The core principles are outlined in a book entitled "Exposition of the Divine Principles", published by the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity,1996. The first release was in 1957.

[2] My personal expression of a generally accepted truth.

[3] S.T.E.M. education is a composite teaching style which combines key concepts in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to non-college students in the hope of inspiring them to study in the field of engineering and technology.

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