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Space-Time exist as a Field of Energy in Which We Live

My Reflection on Space & Time:


This morning I awoke with a clear understanding of the oneness of Time and Space as an integrated field of energy within which everything exists. Space and Time are created realities linked to the demand of the law of conservation of energy (COE) seeking to account for the cosmic use of energy. According to this law, energy cannot be created or destroyed but simply converted from one form to another. A natural correlation to this law is: "Nothing can exist, develop or act without the use of energy". These two principles are central to Scientific Godism as a new theory of everything (SG-O-TOE). In fig 1 below I have attempted to conceptualize through a basic circuit diagram how this energy flows.

Conceptual view of Eternal Power flowing into and  out of the null point of reality

Figure 1: A conceptual view of eternal power flowing into and out of a null point of reality called R(s,t)

From the bible (Rom 1:20) we learn that all energy is rooted in a God-like being, meaning a being that is unchanging, self-existing, eternal and absolute. SG-TOE refers to these attributes as U-SEA or the universal sea of energy. The bible calls this sea of energy “Eternal Power”; why?..., I believe it is because “the WATTS” as the scientific unit used to measure power represents a flow rate of energy as in “JOULES (energy) per SEC (time)”. By “eternal power” the bible is educating us to realize that once this power starts to flow, nothing but the SOURCE can stop it, thus it is an eternal power source responsible for the manifestation of everything we experience around us. All we can do as created beings is to master the conversion principles[1] governing the usage of energy and this is what PHYSICS is all about.

II.Towards a New Theory of Everything:

The search for a Theory of Everything in Physics is a search to understand the conversion principle of energy, what SG-TOE calls the Four-Position Foundation Structure (review ref 1 below). Regrettable, while science can explain to us basic principles and laws governing the flow and usage of energy, they can never explain the true conversion principles without acknowledging the existence of GOD as the source of all energy. It is for this reason Rev Dr & Mrs Moon introduced Scientific Godism as a New Theory of Everything. There are many theories on the market today proposed by great minds hoping to explain how this universe as something[2] could have come from nothing[3]. But with all their efforts they are helpless to explain or even understand the following without FAITH:

  1. Where did all this energy come from? Today science has accepted that each null point in space-time has infinite energy.

  2. What motivated the original release of this energy from its unimaginable and infinite source?

  3. How is it possible to convert pure unmanifested infinite wave energy into a finite mass of energy existing relatively in the same ST-field of energy as our physical universe?

While these and other such questions can be easily answered by Scientific Godism, the focus of this article is to reflect together with you the reader on the general nature of space and time as a created reality. Scientific Godism postulates that the source of all energy needed a means of accountability prior to the release of its eternal power; only in this way would science, using the tools of observation, experimentation and hypotheses, be able to one day trace the process of creation back to its true source and thus develop a clear plausible Theory of Everything.

Today in this 21st century we are blessed to be alive as we approach the era of Completion[4]. It is to be an era in which all the mysteries of God are to be revealed[5].The Space-time energy field introduced by Albert Einstein in his two-fold Theory of Relativity[6] is one of those mysteries. Why should a particle traveling at the speed of light slow down to a relativistic speed and gain mass in the process?

Another mystery has to do with Quantum field theory. Why does the quantum aspect of reality behave as a WAVE but when observed, behaves as a particle? Does consciousness influence the collapse of wave energy into particle energy and thus slow it down while allowing for the progressive accumulation of inner energy as matter?

Pictorial overview of the search for a grand unification theory linked to consciousness

Figure 2: A pictorial of the search for a grand unification theory in physics and its link to SG-TOE

Let us begin our search for answers through an understanding of the basic nature of space and time. Before moving to the next section please take a moment to review the content of fig 2 above. Here I try to show the progressive development of physics from the 17th century to the present. During this 400-year period science has come face to face with the reality of the existence of the dual nature of energy. There is an invisible substantial form of energy known as consciousness or spiritual energy (also known as WAVE energy), and there is a visible substantial co-existing counterpart form of energy known as form or physical energy (also known as PARTICLE energy). Both of these forms of energy co-exist in a dual ENERGY/MATTER construct related as a MIND/BODY duality (or cause/effect duality). Notice how in this 21st century we have reached what many refer to as the end of be continued...

III.The Three Objective Purpose:

DEFINITION: “As a result of origin-division-union action, four positions are formed: the origin at the center, the subject partner and the object partner (distinct substantial object partners to the origin in the pattern of its dual characteristics), and their union. Any one of the four positions may assume the position of subject partner and engage the other three as its object partners, forming a communion of three object partners. When each of the four then acts as the subject partner and enters into give and take with the other three revolving around it, they fulfill the three-object purpose.” Exposition of Divine Principle p. 25 section 2.3.2

The arrow of time is the clear consequence of the Oneness of Space & Time as a unified field of energy. The 3 Object-Purpose of time are the FUTURE, PRESENT (PU), and PAST; while the 3 Object-Purpose of space are MICRO space, Per Unit-HERE & NOW space, and MACRO space. These 6 Object Purpose are interconnected via a 7th null space but all are independent of each other since there always exist a 90(pi) or 180(2pi)-degree variance between them.

A Pictorial of the 3 axis of love.

Figure 3: A pictorial of the 3 axis of rotation

There seems to be 3 axis of rotation which define everything in the Cosmos, 1. The Axis of LOVE (linked to cause[7]), 2. The Axis of LIFE (linked to the manifestation of space-states) and 3. The Axis of GENERATIONS (linked to the manifestation of time-states). These 3 axes are generic to Scientific Godism’s theory of everything. They are linked to energy and its three aspects of manifestation as follows:

1. ORIGIN: The first aspect of manifestation, linked to the axis of LOVE, is used to bring things into spiritual existence via a process of spontaneous manifestation from an imaginary world of Cosmic Consciousness. We call such constructs of realities “Though-forms” or LOGOS. This is the first stage of the creation process called ORIGIN. In this stage everything is bought into being as one collective whole from the mind and heart of the absolute creator[8]. I postulate this logos though-form is the root divine energy construct (the Garden of Eden) of what later became the physical universe[9].

This though-form is made from divine light energy rooted in Paradise Isle[10]. As things are manifested into reality there is a perpetual vertical linkage of energy seeking to preserve the oneness of the whole with the unique ORIGIN as the Parental source of everything. SG-TOE calls this original vertical source energy "Paradise Gravity" (see fig 4 for more details). During the process of creation it transforms into what science calls "Relative Gravity"[10.1]. Thus, the Axis of Love is central to everything since it is the power source that controls negative and positive entropy as the ordering and decaying of the universe. This power source needs a circuit to act through. In fig 1 above I have created a conceptual picture of that circuit. We can not see it with the naked eye, because it is composed of STRING-LIKE structures rooted in Pi and forming an invisible matrix of energy fields around each ITB. This complex matrix serves as a linkage to the Parental source of energy.

With time science will come to realize that this invisible network of energy flow linked to Paradise Isle is the source of what we call GRAVITY, and that this force of gravity is but the external aspect of a deeper internal force called LOVE.

Figure 4: A pictorial of Paradise Isle and the three state space dimensions of reality

So in summary, SG-TOE introduces LOVE as the original casual force behind the origin of everything, and since this casual force in rooted in GOD we believe beyond faith that the universe came into being from the heart of God's love. Later we shall show that God's love is also the origin of the force of gravity. In fig 4 above we conceptual show this linkage. From the heart of God comes the LOGOS as the WORD made flesh. This word made flesh was projected whole as the Garden of Eden, with Adam and Eve destined to serve as the physical form of GOD the father and mother. The LOGOS is projected from paradise as a COSMIC ray of Divine Light until it entered the COSMIC WATER symbolized as the Eternal Power of GOD. There it is linked to Paradise Gravity[11] (Pg) acting as a life line link between every ITB within the cosmic LOGOS from the ORIGIN of Pi. Once submerged in the Cosmic Foam acting as a womb space, it is nurtured into physical form gaining mass, like a process of birth in a mother's womb. Relative gravity is like the umbrella cord connecting every ITB to it root womb space. This was Einstein's genius. He saw gravity as a string force linking each ITB to its mother's womb, and in doing so it causes space to distort in a curvature linked to preserving a 90-degree surface impact with the form of matter. We in the physical world cannot easily understand the origin of this gravitational force, it is the proverbial string of string theory and creates the unique base frequency of origin as the Alpha (A) for each ITB, connecting it through diverse dimensions until it reaches the end of its existence as Omega (W). One final note: the string force we call gravity is two-fold, incoming and outgoing. Thus SG-TOE postulates that matter and anti-matter (proposed by Dirac) exist simultaneously in separate space zones, one serving as a womb (-space) while the other serves as recycling storage (+space) area. I believe future research will link the dark matter and dark energy to these invisible zones of space.

A basic understanding of a Four Position Foundation Structure (4PFS)

Figure 5: Pictorial outline of the Four Position foundation structure (4PFS) and the 3OP

2. DIVISION: The second aspect of manifestation is linked to the axis of LIFE (see fig 3). It is used to bring things into physical existence via a process of energy DEVELOPMENT called dimensional tunneling. For this process the universe needed a space-time matrix field of energy. The ST-energy field is like a black body womb-like space object. We call such constructs of realities “embryonic energy/matter constructs. This is manifested in the second stage of the creation process called DIVISION STAGE. In this development stage energy flows outward as a RAY of divine light from the root of everything or Paradise Isle (Pi). It then grows or swells (expansion) initially forming the limits of the physical universe. I postulate this being like the inflationary stage of cosmological science. At that limiting point the Cosmic Logos is fully manifested forming what science calls “the boundary of the observable universe”. It is a spherical object of pure unsubstantial divine light energy. Here the divine light is slowed down to the speed of light as a constant, also spiritual energy transmutes into pre-energy ready for manifestation as matter.

Note the universal constant (A) and the speed of light (C) are fully manifested at this terminal point and interconnected to what science calls the Fine Structure Constant (FSC). I postulate that divine light is limited to a constant by the quality of space defined in the bible as “cosmic water”[12]. Einstein referred to it as a vacuum. This vacuum has the capacity to slow light down to a fixed speed of C (3x10 to the 8th power m/sec) or the speed of correlation. SG-O-TOE postulate this as the mental or inner space processing speed of the physical universe. When things are born as matter they possess mass equivalent to an internalized potential energy limited or constrained by light-speed particles. Science has identified four such particles linked to four binding forces of nature. This 4PFS of light-speed energy construct serves as a linkage for each ITB, guiding its process of creation and decay; allowing it to be born with a unique matter body as its external form. This manifested external form is what Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity (STR) deals with as compared to the developing embryo process in the womb of nature. This is the focus of Einstein's general theory of relativity (GTR).

This limited-outer boundary serving as "the boundary of the observable universe"would be the equivalent of our cosmic “event horizon” with the physical universe taking shape within this ring-pass-not zone. Beyond that zone is outer darkness. Science has discovered that the Outer Darkness has planets and Solar Systems moving at or beyond the speed of light (see Hubble Law and red shift theory). This clearly shows that whatever we are observing beyond our cosmic event horizon is not real matter but the refuse of dead matter going for reprocessing.

From fig 4 above we see a circle in the Pr zone. This circle symbolizes a defined area of space which binds a certain quantum of cosmic water to be used for the creation of matter. This circle can also be defined as the seed local version of paradise gravity. Within the grand circle lies the logos seeds of every ITB manifested in this universe. Gradually under the power of relative gravity each ITB gains access to eternal power allowing it to congeal (contraction) into matter of diverse nature forming everything we experience around us as physical reality. Since it is matter that gives rise to the force of gravity, what we call Dark Matter is synonymous to this CIRCLE of ENERGY serving as a unique constant of space-time around each ITB. In reality EM-forces are the same as ST-forces[13] since this circle represents the Parental EM-field of energy serving as a womb for each ITB. This unique ring-pass-not circle defines the unique space needed for each ITB to exist, develop and move. It is dual in nature as being inner contracting and outer expanding.

SG-TOE calls the inner contracting space female as in - (womb) space and the outer expanding space male as in +(death) space. A simple look at our solar system validate this hypothesis. (The inner four planets are in the - (womb) space of the SUN/MOON parental construct of our Solar System; while the other outer planets are in the +(death) space under going decay for reprocessing.The EM forces operate at the micro level as QED forces accounting for magnetism being linked to metals[14]; while the ST forces operate at the present and macro level as space and time forces linked to gravity.

In this process of energy DEVELOPMENT or dimensional tunneling the neutral core controls the usage of energy relative to SPACE. Once the cosmic black hole has been formed each ITB, represented by a logos[15] form of information, is allowed to germinate into its unique form of being. As time ticks, the logos-form transitions into a new state-space of being, developing ultimately through three stages of being as in MICROSTATE-HERE&NOWSTATE-MACROSTATE all within the bonds of our cosmic black hole zone.

From another perspective on the other side of the ring-pass-not zone lies the positive side of the same boundary (+space) and serves as a null point portal for the spiritual or anti-matter universe. Imagine the neutral core of our universe containing both a black and a white hole. Imagine the black hole being linked to the physical world while the white hole is linked to upgrade into the spiritual world or eternal storage universe. To be continued…

3. UNION: The third aspect of manifestation is linked to the axis called GENERATIONS, and is used to TRACK the allowed lifespan of each ITB. It does so for eternity accounting for the totality of “eternal power” used by every individual truth body[16] (ITB). We can also call this the time bonded flow rate of energy or ACTION ENERGY[17]. This is the third stage of the creation process and is called UNION. In this case ACTION measures the usage of energy relative to TIME. In this stage we assume each ITB has been born as a new creation and exist in the cosmic black hole we call our physical universe. What is notable at this point is the LIFE-SPAN of each ITB. Though each ITB exist for eternity it does so through a process of generations. Each ITB has a limited life span to exist physically after which comes death and recycling. It can be shown that only human beings can exist for eternity and only in the spiritual world. On earth they too exist externally through there lineage.

IN SUMMARY: ST-fields are dual perpendicular fields radiating outward from the center of every ITB in such a way as to create a symmetrically spherical object of energy/matter construct, with both an inner and an outer field of being. To be continued...

IV.Time and our Collective Actions in the Present:

Regarding TIME, we need to realize that every actions of ours, both mental and physical, consumes our LIFE-SPAN energy. Each willful action in the Present time state collapse infinite possibilities into a specific Future (with P= 1) forming the Arrow of Time. If that specific future is in harmony with the will of the creator then the three objects (future, present and past) harmonize into ONE such that : Fu)a + Pr)a +Pa)a = 0… or Fu)a-Pa)a = Pr)a.

This means the future cannot come into being without the influence of the present. In fact, according to SG-TOE it is our collective daily actions in the present which creates momentum that defines the direction of the arrow of time, in such a way that the future (negative entropy) and the present defines the trajectory of what we call the past (as positive entropy). Out of these 3 Objective Purposes (past as in origin and inherited sins, present as in personal & collective sins and future as in desire and destiny understanding) the present is the only independent variable, linked to our free will. SO like a compass needle every present action shifts the arrow of time in the multiverse of space-time possibilities.

The mind (in principle) is the source to the future, while the body and its action are the source of the present. Their combined action is stored as vitality elements in our spiritual body and represent our individual past, while collectively our family, tribe, race, nation and world forms diverse collective PAST in the spiritual world[18]. Therefore, since we living human beings are the only creators able to influence the present with free will, we are also the determining factor for both the Future and the Past. We have collective responsibility to indemnify the past wrong; while collectively, we are the only ones who can build an ideal world of love and peace on earth, not GOD or some strange alien beings, only us working together as one human family. Thus the true structure of the spiritual world as the so called multiverse is chaotic and fulled with disunity.

IV.The Past is the Collective History of our ACTIONS

The Past is simply an eternal storage of actions taken by our ancestors and their cultural norms. Those action are recorded in detail, via the Conservation Of Energy Law, into eternity. Some call this the Akashic records. So those individuals we call our ancestors are bond to continue living out the consequences of their life-action for eternity like a video recording. They are not given a second body as in reincarnation. Each of us have only one chance at physical life with one “SPIRIT MAN” which records our life action for eternity. When we die, meaning when we have consume the given lifespan of energy allotted us, we transition into the Spiritual World in a unique Spirit Body built from the soul energy given to us at birth. Our physical body on Earth decays returning to dirt while the collective actions of our being, the SOUL serves as a rocket [18.1] thrusting us into the level of SW in harmony with the new body formed by the quality of our life actions. Those who have lived GOOD (for the sake of others) LIVES can ascent into realms closer to the expectation of our creator; while those who have lived EVIL (for self only as in Selfish Individual Nature..S.I,N.) LIVES have no thrusting power, rather they remain as ghost on earth plane or descend into lower realms outside of the expectations of our creator. We reap what we sow!

The collective past actions of a family, tribe, race, nation and world are imprinted into an eternal State Space and State Time-energy field as their Spiritual World. It is a world with many limits set by the collective lifestyle and actions of those who lived on earth and they cannot escape from these limits since it is marked in their spirits for eternity. Why do I say they cannot change or escape their limitations? Because we are the children of the Creator-in-training, and whatever we do while living in this "here and now" sphere of reality becomes unchanging, self-contained, eternal, and absolute (U-SEA), just like our parents[19]. Even the “almighty God” cannot change what we have cased into Cosmic Stone or the Absolute Ether of Spiritual World. The only way to change the past is by what DP calls paying INDEMNITY while on earth.

To be continued…

V.The Endnotes:

[1] SG-TOE introduces the four-position foundation structure (4PFS), discussed in chapter 1 of the Divine Principle, as the conversion principle governing the usage of all energy. It then goes into details introducing dimensionality to account for the effect of energy transformations on various created objects (called individual truth bodies or ITB) as they are projected into physical reality through the complex Spacetime matrix referred to as Cosmic or Zero Point Energy field. This whole process is called dimensional tunneling. To account for changes in the shape and form of the ITB, science used mathematics of “Tensors” in harmony with Einstein’s Field equations to sort of see the various deformations and changes on the logos form of the ITB.

[2] Here by SOMETHING, we are talking about the relativistic world of energy and matter all around us.

[3] BY NOTHING we are talking about the quantum world beyond our ability to observe, a world that appears to be made from pure energy conceptualized as a WAVE of energy quite different from a PARTICLE of energy conceptualized as a zero-dimensional point in space.

[4] From the perspective of Physic the era of completion refers to the development of a final theory of everything.

[5] From 1Cor 2:7; Col 2:2 and Rev 10:7 we learn of the mysteries of God being completed with the blowing of the 7th trumpet. Clearly since the mystery is linked to Christ we are being told of a time when Christ will return in the flesh to present the final teaching to mankind. As a Unificationist we believe Rev Dr & Mrs. Moon have come as the fulfillment of this prophesy. But where are the brides in waiting for their bridegroom? Where are the people in waiting for this final miracle? Painfully we still are not ready though we need it very much.

[6] In 1905 Einstein developed his special theory of relativity (STR) as a physical theory to describe gravity from a space-time curvature perspective. It was called special because later in 1915 he postulated the general theory of relativity (GTR) accounting for the physical appearance of gravity as being linked to the curvature of space-time. His theories were meant to account for certain inconsistencies between Newtonian mechanics and Maxwell’s equation of electromagnetism. Particularly he sort to explain why the speed of light should be constant as predicted in Maxwell’s equation. An intuitive understanding of gravity derived from Einstein's work is that each tiny bubble of Zero Point Energy has infinite energy locked into a point charge of zero dimensionality. Einstein figured out a way to convert the (00,0) into a measurable value linked to the curvature of space time, the speed of light and the value of mass.

[7] The most fundamental law of the universe is the law of cause and effect. Nothing can exist, move or develop without energy. The root of all energy is ONE what we call LOVE.

[8] The bible calls this collective root construct “the Garden of Eden”. It is a full bloom reality including the future, present and past as ONE. It was created by GOD as a realm to nurture their children as physical beings.

[9] Modern Science has several theories seeking to explain what happened before the Big Bang of the created universe, but none of these theory accounts for reality as the bible does, thus SG-TOE is a new theory meant to explain scientifically how everything in the Cosmos came into existence from the nothingness of pure energy.

[10] If you make a circle, then the center point represents the God position as the source of True Love. SG-TOE calls this point Pi or paradise Isle. It is from this unique point that Divine Light energy fills the universe LOVE. A study of complex numbers and Euler equation explains provides a basic understanding of how this energy flows in and out of every ITB.

[10.1] Einstein's greatness lies in his recognition of gravity as being linked to the space-time field of energy. What he didn't understand was that all mass objects have their origin in a negative aspect of space serving as a womb and giving birth to matter as in the HIGGS field. Only now with the concept of STRING THEORY and HOLOGRAM THEORY are scientist beginning to gasp the vertical link or string connecting Pi to Pr and then to each ITB as a complex network of pathways allowing pure energy to manifest as a matter/energy construct we call physical matter.

[11] Paradise gravity is a line of force linking each ITB with its source of being. In SG-TOE we refer to it as a Ray of Divine Light rooted in the very essence of the Creator.

[12][12] This cosmic water is the same as zero-point energy (ZPE) of the U-SEA universal sea of energy introduced in previous articles.

[13] Every ITB is formed by EM forces acting like a container. Being Electromagnetic they form standing wave patterns of energy in diverse shapes but always in motion at the speed of light. Once contained the inner Cosmic Water serves as an embryonic fluid and gives rise to the unique ITB based on the information stored in the N-level energy construct. It is also this confined energy that gives rise to mass in the equation E~MC2.

[14] Note: metals have very small interspatial distances between atoms as compared to nonmetals, thus they allow the shining through of EM-fields compared to non-metals.

[15] Note the logos of each ITB is structured

[16] ITB is an acronym referring to everything that exist as a unique being manifested from a common source energy.

[17] ACTION is associated with already exiting ITB which have already left the womb space and are living out their lifespan collectively in the Here & Now realm with other human beings. It does not refer to micro-space reality which are coming into being, neither does it refer to macro-space reality. Both the micro and the macro state realm are environments serving as TOP and BOTTOM meant to define the quality of space we call HERE&NOW.

[18] The spiritual world is the storage bin of all our life actions referred to in the bible as the place where all the ripe fruits are stored for eternity, the barnyard of the Lord.

[18.1] The SOUL as a gift from GOD is like a fuel cell. It converts all of our ACTIONS while on earth into a divine energy capable of fueling our return passage back to Paradise Isle, the home of our origin. If we waste our lifespan on unprincipled living we find ourselves unable to return to Heaven. This is one of the reasons why the Spiritual World is so divided into diverse realm of light and darkness. The soul goal of religion has been to awaken us to our true heritage and responsibility as children of God but this too has been a tedious progressive process taking hundreds of thousands of years since the original FALL OF ADAM and EVE.

[19] Thus the bible says what you bind on earth you bind in heaven,and what you loose on earth your loose in heaven. Earth is the only place we can make changes to our eternal life.

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